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nChain’s Nicholas King sees fantastic opportunity to drive BSV adoption in the Philippines

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Having worked in the application software industry at the highest levels with technology giant SAP for decades, Nicholas King was retired in his early 40s. However, a chance encounter with Stefan Matthews introduced him to Bitcoin, and he is now with nChain as the country director for the Philippines, a country he says holds immense potential for blockchain adoption.

Just as with most people who haven’t taken the time to learn about Bitcoin, King previously thought it was just an avenue for crime.

“My perception, prior to talking to Stefan, was that it [Bitcoin] was all scammers and drug dealers and the dark web and all that sort of stuff. Once he started explaining to me about the underlying technology, that really caught my interest,” King told CoinGeek Backstage.

For King, it came as quite a surprise that there was a faction within the digital asset industry that wasn’t interested in the politics and the pump-and-dump—it’s just focused on building on Bitcoin.

“I think [what] they are doing is fabulous, and it’s going to change the world,” he stated.

King has resided in the Philippines for over 12 years, and as he told CoinGeek Backstage, he sees big potential in the Southeast Asian country. With over 100 million people, most of whom are young and tech-savvy, the Philippines can become a force to reckon with in blockchain adoption.

Already, the country is a global hub for Web3, NFTs, and play-to-earn gaming. Ranked second globally for digital asset adoption and consistently ranking top for blockchain gamers, the country is already a force to reckon with in the blockchain industry.

“Blockchain is going to drive so much of that [digital development], and I see a fantastic opportunity to be working with Filipino businesses and government agencies to really drive BSV blockchain into life here,” King stated.

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