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nChain and TradeWindow redefining global trade with Web3 solutions

LONDON, March 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — nChain, a world leader in Web3 and enterprise blockchain technology, today announces it has entered into a memorandum of understanding to form a strategic partnership with TradeWindow, a leading international TradeTech company. nChain will be supporting TradeWindow in their Web3 transformation journey, to provide greater connectivity and enhanced traceability management across global supply chains.

TradeWindow, led by AJ Smith, an experienced innovator and investor in rapid-growth companies, offers digital solutions designed to deliver increased value and transparency to exporters, importers, freight forwarders and customs brokers to maximise productivity and minimise cost. Their digital trade platform enables organisations in global trade to securely exchange data across the supply chain ecosystem, while seamlessly integrating into their back-end operations.

TradeWindow’s solutions allow information sharing and collaboration with global supply chain stakeholders to provide instantaneous access through their enterprise-grade platform. With TradeWindow, users can access an immutable record of activity created in the platform. This single source of data improves visibility across customers, ports, terminals, shipping lines, banks, insurance companies and government authorities.

The collaboration will optimise TradeWindow’s capabilities, including traceability, credentials, and identity management across their global supply chain by leveraging nChain’s solutions and intellectual property. Furthermore, TradeWindow will work with nChain to drive efficiencies in their research and development programme.

Christen-Ager Hanssen, Group CEO of nChain, commented that, “We’re excited to be partnering with TradeWindow to revolutionise the entire supply chain industry and deliver the next generation of digital trade. Integrating nChain’s Web3 technology into their solutions will allow AJ and his team to take a huge leap forward in delivering a global trade platform, creating a huge ripple effect in the industry.”

AJ Smith, CEO of TradeWindow, said, “I’m personally excited to have the opportunity to work with Christen Ager-Hanssen and his team at nChain. It’s energising to be working alongside an entrepreneur of his calibre. We both share a passion for driving innovation and achieving what hasn’t been done before. With nChain focused on delivering the cutting edge blockchain infrastructure we can pour all of our energy into highly differentiated solutions which allow trusted collaboration and data sharing across global supply chains.”

The details of the strategic partnership will be finalised over the coming weeks.

About nChain

nChain is a leading provider of global blockchain technology, IP licensing and consulting services. We serve clients globally to power several industries, including gaming, supply chain, and finance. nChain offers Web3 solutions in the digital payment space, along with professional services that assist enterprises of all types to benefit from blockchain technology. nChain currently has almost 2,800 registered active and pending patents and is the developer behind the Bitcoin SV Node software, Teranode, Kensei and more.

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About TradeWindow

Founded in December 2018, TradeWindow is an NZX-listed software company that provides digital solutions for exporters, importers, freight forwarders, and customs brokers to drive productivity, increase connectivity, and enhance visibility. TradeWindow’s software solutions integrate to form a cohesive digital trade platform that enables customers to more efficiently run their back-end operations, share information and securely collaborate with a global supply chain made up of customers, ports, terminals, shipping lines, banks, insurance companies, and government authorities.

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