NBdomain CoinGeek Live 2020 sponsor spotlight

We recently caught up with NBdomain and Maxthon CEO Jeff Chen, who revealed the latest developments within NBdomain, the Bitcoin-based solution to the DNS problems many people face, and one of the world’s first portals to the Metanet. He also told us about we can expect from his CG Live presentation, “New Browsers & Domain Systems for a Bitcoin SV-Powered Internet,” which will take place on Day 2 of the CoinGeek Live conference.

Here is what we learned:

For those who don’t know, what is NBdomain?

NBdomain is the decentralized domain, built on Bitcoin SV blockchain; unlike traditional domain, it’s owned by users. Once it’s registered, it will be yours permanently. We have a slogan for NBdomain, “The passport to the blockchain world.”

Who is NBdomain the perfect fit for and why?

NBdomain can be used by anyone because it’s much more than a domain (in the traditional sense). NBdomain can be extended to provide different features, like:

  1. People can use it as a Global ID to login to different apps.
  2. People can use it to accept BSV payments.
  3. 3 It can be extended to accept more digital currencies, like BTC, ETH, EOS.
  4. It can be used to build an on-chain website and more.

The possibilities are endless.

How do you envision NBdomain being used?

I actually don’t know. NBdomain is for the community and for the users. Unlike a traditional product, which is centralized and handled by a company, NBdomain is decentralized, both the product and the community. It has the open protocol and open API that allow different kinds of applications to be built on top of it. We just create this possibility and I hope the community and the users will build and discover more and more value from it.

Can you tell us more about NBdomain’s two latest updates?

There are two big news about NBdomain.

  1. We decided to use “.b” as the official NBdomain TLD.
  2. The sunrise registration will open at the 30th September. The trademark owners can apply to have their trademark related domains reserved and avoid losing the trademark when the public registration opens. It will help them to protect their brand and once their NBdomain is registered, it’s permanent. No one can revoke the domain, not even us.

Why choose “.b” as the TLD?

There are several reasons we chose “.b” as the TLD: 

  1. It will be the world’s first 1 character TLD.
  2. b can stand for “blockchain” or “bitcoin” or “bsv” or “big ? bright? “, it could be attractive to different kinds of people, and
  3. It’s easy to remember and easy to use.

During the sunrise period, trademark owners can come and pre-register their trademarks with NBdomain. It will help them to protect their brand and once their NBdomain is registered, it’s permanent. No one can revoke the domain, not even us.

How can trademark owners start applying for NBdomains for their trademark? What is the application process like and how can they apply?

[Soon] we will provide a website for them to submit an application, which must include the trademark documents that show their ownership.

What is your favorite thing about CoinGeek conferences?

My favorite part is the fireside talk with CSW [Dr. Craig S. Wright]. I can feel the passion from him which encourages me to do my best.

What do you look forward to in the upcoming CoinGeek conference?

I am looking forward to more app developers, more conversations, more passion to build the new Internet.

What are your must-see presentations for the upcoming CoinGeek conference?

It’s the fireside talk. The best part of CoinGeek.

Why did NBdomain decide to sponsor?

We love the CoinGeek conference. It’s the place we announced NBdomain to the world. We’d love to see it grow and continue to help other developers.

What can the audience expect/look forward to regarding your upcoming CoinGeek Live presentation?

I will share some of my thoughts about browsers and NBdomain, and how we can work together to build a better internet.

Make sure you tune into CoinGeek Live on October 1st to watch Jeff Chen speak about the Bitcoin-powered internet. We are likely to see many companies weave blockchain into internet browsers to give internet users more freedom and developers’ endless possibilities to create. Fortunately, Bitcoin has a pioneer—Jeff Chen—blazing the trail when it comes to the blockchain-based internet. 

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