NASA wants data scientist with experience in blockchain technology

NASA wants data scientist with blockchain experience

There is hardly a spot on the planet where blockhcain technology is not finding an application. So why not expand that technology beyond the planet? That is the question that NASA is asking as they have recently posted a job position asking for a person who has experience in the crypto and blockchain industries.

A recent job posting on LinkedIn found that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is looking for a data scientist. The person is expected to work in the agency’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory which is located in Pasadena, California. As part of the qualifications, they were seeking someone who has experience working with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. While the amount of experience was not specified, they did want someone who has experience in these fields.

That the data scientist is expected to have experience in cryptocurrencies is an interesting piece of the puzzle. Is NASA expecting to create their own space coin? If so, who are they intending to trade with? Are we really alone in the universe?

Currently, the new position requires that the applicant is able to implement a program that will analyze complex, large scale sets of data that will be used for research, modeling, analysis, and data mining. So, maybe the space agency is not looking to build their own coin but is looking to generate the kind of funding necessary to get them all the way to Mars.

NASA already has some of the most sophisticated computers on earth, and already has a significant amount of power at their disposal. This would easily be able to power a massive data mining project, which may be the ultimate goal. They may be looking for a scientist with experience in creating algorithms to hunt for cryptocurrencies and who will be able to protect the space agency’s assets through the use of blockchain technology.

Admittedly, this is pure speculation. Little information was provided as to exactly how this scientist would work for the benefit of NASA and its future projects, but with more countries looking for applications for blockchain technology, it would not be surprising to see NASA moving in the direction related to data mining.

This would provide them with an almost limitless amount of resources that can be used to fund a wide variety of projects. Soon their biggest aspirations could be reached as they attempt to reach for the stars.

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