Mystery Surrounds New Bitcoin Movie

A Bitcoin-positive film has hit the internet, has been well-received and, frankly, is pretty good. But, you may well ask, what’s the ‘sell’? Is it a plug for an exchange service? Nope. Is it sponsored by an interested party? Sorry, not that either. In fact as the accompanying blurb says itself:

“It is about Bitcoin, but, it has no sell, no website to promote, no call to action, no link to a 3rd party. We hope that as a result of being free from any commercial entity, outside of Bitcoin generically, it can be easily shared and will allow individuals to make up their own mind.”

YouTube video

Well, that’s all very refreshing, especially in the current, damagingly political climate in the Bitcoin community but we still just want to know: WHO MADE THIS!?

Quite clearly it hasn’t been done on the cheap either but in the spirit of the film we’ll happily share it and, as they say themselves, “…allow individuals to make up their own mind.”

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