Mr Scatman introduces ANNE on Bitstocks podcast

Mr Scatman introduces ANNE on Bitstocks podcast

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Lukas—aka Mr. Scatman, the creator of ANNE protocol—has been giving the world more information about the esoteric project that he has created. Lukas was recently a guest on the CoinGeek Weekly Livestream where he shared information about ANNE with the audience, but prior to that, Lukas was a guest on the Bitstocks podcast.

Lukas has extensive experience working in the artificial intelligence space. From his conversation with Michael Hudson, founder of Bitstocks and host of the Bitstocks podcast, you can tell that Lukas has a strong understanding of how the human brain functions and applies that to the work he is doing with ANNE.

“The A in ANNE is not artificial, it stands for ‘awareness’ and the NN is ‘Neural Net’, and the E is ‘explorer.’ So we have an Awareness Neural Net Explorer and the neural net part is not a bad word in my model, but to me, the word artificial is like a derogative term from where I am coming from,” said Lukas.

“So ANNE is the Awareness Neural Net Explorer and the idea is that if we can interconnect our data properly without the jumbled pile of mess and going in the way that Google is, harvesting us with those drips, but if we can actually store the data the way our brain stores it, encoded at the storage step to get it into the graph, its already sitting there on a silver platter by our choice because it is data we have chosen to provide, and it’s ready to be usable at scale in a giant hypergraph—so this is where we can start to talk about awareness and what awareness is in terms of ANNE and how that can actually touch on what it is for us ourselves.”

As time goes on, it’s becoming clear that there are many different ways AI can be used. To provide some clarity, Hudson asked Lukas to talk about a few of the use cases for ANNE.

“So the average person off the street, how would they be using a system like ANNE in a few years?” said Hudson.

“Here’s where it can potentially come off arrogantly,” said Lukas, “Any use case can benefit from using ANNE because ANNE is not a product, it’s a way; so it is just a way of storing data and encoding it at the storage step that makes our lives infinitely easier downstream.”

Even after hearing Lukas talk about ANNE on the Bitstocks Podcast or on the episode of the CoinGeek Weekly livestream that aired on July 13th, you might walk away with more questions than answers about ANNE. However, watching the Bitstocks podcast and the CoinGeek Weekly Livestream will give you the first glimpses of what ANNE has the potential to become.

If you have not seen episode 25 of the Bitstocks Podcast, “Mr. Scatman on ANNE, Artificial General Intelligence Running on Bitcoin,” you should go back and take a look. Michael Hudson and Lukas have an in-depth conversation about the different forms of artificial intelligence that exist and why ANNE has the potential to change the world. Many people are still unaware of what ANNE is and what ANNE can do, watching Lukas talk about ANNE on both the Bitstocks podcast and the CoinGeek Weekly Livestream will make you one of the first people to be in the know about ANNE.

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