More Than Money: Bitcoin Beyond Satoshi with George Gilder, Alex Vidal and Zachary Weiner

More Than Money: Bitcoin Beyond Satoshi to interview George Gilder on November 18

CoinGeek is excited to announce that Alex Vidal and Zachary Weiner will host a new monthly conversation series on X Spaces. This will be known as More Than Money: Bitcoin Beyond Satoshi.

In the first episode, Vidal and Weiner will interview American investor, author, economist, and co-founder of the Discovery InstituteGeorge Gilder.

More about George Gilder

For those who don’t know, Gilder attended the CoinGeek Conference in London in 2020 and had an insightful fireside chat with Dr. Craig Wright. In it, he slammed the notion of turning digital currencies into commodities, saying that doing so would create a circular system that would hold no value.

In addition to this, Gilder authored a book called Life After Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy. In this highly-praised book, the renowned economist argues that the current free content model monetized with value-subtracted ads will fade out and be replaced with a model powered by micropayments.

Clearly, Gilder understands how an unbounded, infinitely scalable system can and will trump limited systems and the extractive nature of the digital currency industry. He also deeply grasps how blockchain and micropayments will replace the ad-based model that typifies the internet today.

More excellent conversations about Bitcoin and blockchain

Weiner and Vidal will independently host the upcoming X Spaces session with Gilder. It’s one of the ever-growing number of spaces hosted by blockchain enthusiasts exploring the use cases of the technology.

Recently, Vidal and Weiner have been hosting weekly CoinGeek Discussions exploring these topics and much more with panel speakers from across the industry. Everyone is welcome to join these weekly discussions each Friday at 3 PM EST on X.

With that stated, let’s keep the focus on the main event: the first-ever More Than Money: Bitcoin Beyond Satoshi episode will take place on Saturday, November 18, at 2:30 PM EST (7:30 PM UTC).

Don’t miss the chance to hear from a legendary investor, economist, and author with an unrivaled grasp of how Bitcoin and blockchain technology will change the world!

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