More Craig Wright history to be revealed by Behind the Mask

More Craig Wright history to be revealed by Behind the Mask

The life of Dr. Craig Wright, and how he came to invent Bitcoin, is one full of twists, turns, and secrets. A new book from Byron Kaye and Jeremy Wagstaff hopes to shine some light on those tales and reveal even more about the man, and the history of Bitcoin.

Behind the Mask: Craig Wright and the Battle for Bitcoin is an upcoming book from the duo that will dive deep into Dr. Wright’s story and possibly uncover some secrets from the history of his creation. In their Amazon write-up, it notes “It follows Wright from his humble beginnings in dirt-poor Queensland to besuited guru trying to recover his reputation and control over the cryptocurrency stage, squaring up to multiple enemies.”

The book, which is scheduled for release in January 2020, will benefit from first-hand accounts from the man himself, Dr. Wright. CoinGeek has been informed he spoke with the authors to give his side of the story, and we expect it will reveal even more about his past.

These are the ideal authors to cover the topic as well. Jeremy Wagstaff has been a technology writer for Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, and has previously co-authored Loose Wire: A Personal Guide to Making Technology Work For You. Byron Kaye has also written for Reuters covering business and financial stories. With their two areas of expertise combined, they are perfectly suited for understanding and relaying Dr. Wright’s life.

It will be revelatory to see what comes from Behind The Mask, but Dr. Wright isn’t done in the Bitcoin world. He continues to innovate through Bitcoin SV (BSV), the only Bitcoin to follow the original White Paper and scale massively to the needs of the world.

On top of that, he continues to create blockchain innovations, including the Metanet. By scaling the Bitcoin blockchain, he and his team have allowed it to become the data ledger of the world, allowing the public and businesses to write their most important and precious data to an immutable ledger.

That’s what’s happening now and into the future, but it will be a treat to read about how he built up to this in Behind the Mask.

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