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Mohammad Jaber of Elas on improving lives in the Philippines with blockchain’s help

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The Philippine Blockchain Week (PBW2022), which took place in November 2022, ended with great success. Several personalities and thought leaders in the blockchain and fintech world and the government were present during the week-long event—among them were nChain’s Simit Naik and Gareth Roberts, as well as Mohammad Jaber of digital consultancy firm Elas.

In an interview with CoinGeek Backstage reporter Claire Celdran on the sidelines of the event, the Elas co-founder and COO shared his objectives during the event and their future projects on the digital consultancy firm.

Jaber shared that they are looking to connect with people at the event and understand how blockchain technology operates in the Philippines. The primary goal for Elas is to help Filipinos improve how they live with the help of blockchain.

“We want to kind of understand how things are operating here in the Philippines with legacy technology. What are the pain points with the processes and systems that they’re using, and how we can leverage blockchain technology to provide bespoke solutions,” he said. “The ultimate goal is that we’re going to be improving the lives of the people in the Philippines without them realizing that they are necessarily using blockchain technology.”

As for the roadmap of Elas in the Southeast Asian country, Jaber revealed that they are still in the planning stage, and conversations are ongoing. At the moment, they see Bataan as one of the leaders when it comes to adopting blockchain technology.

Wrapping up the interview, Jaber conveyed that Elas is working on three projects: one is the digital rights platform, Buzzmint; another platform that is still in the prototype phase; and a new project for social media.

“We’ve basically been working on a digital rights platform Buzzmint that’s going into production right now. Definitely go on to and check it out. We’re still in the process of delivering another platform for Manufact that’s still in the prototype phase, but we’ll be releasing that very shortly. And we’re starting a new platform for social media for a company called Myfabulla, which is telling my story my way. That’s also very exciting,” the co-founder and COO revealed.

Turbocharging Philippines digitalization via blockchain

YouTube video

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