Miners welcome: bComm Association offers perks to members

Miners welcome: bComm Association offers perks to members

Ten years removed from the Bitcoin genesis block, and Bitcoin is thriving in the form of Bitcoin SV (BSV), the only coin out there that realizes the potential of cryptocurrency as first conceived by Satoshi Nakamoto.

BSV is for miners looking for long-term profitability amid next year’s halving of the block reward, and subsequent halvings in the years to come. To stay profitable, Bitcoin has to continue scaling, allowing for larger and larger blocks to be mined.

Jimmy Nguyen, founding president of the bComm Association, has put it this way: “[W]e need much bigger blocks, to fit large numbers of increasingly diverse transactions – not just simple payments, but token, smart contract and a wide array of data transactions. BSV intends to massively scale to gigabyte size and one day, terabyte size blocks. BSV will be the world’s global public ledger, processing billions of transactions a day, and earning miners revenue for years to come.”

To maximize the benefits of mining BSV, miners are encouraged to be a part of the bComm Association. As the BSV community grows, with businesses including wallet providers such as CentBee and HandCash, and content monetization apps such as Keyport TV and Yours.org, members can stay up to date on industry players and remain in the know regarding all things BSV.

As part of the bComm Association, miners can network to optimize their business, connecting with platform developers according to their particular needs.

An added benefit to membership in the bComm Association is being automatically invited to its events, such as last November’s CoinGeek Week, which included a special Miners Day, featuring all the latest developments in the industry, such as the most efficient chips and rigs coming to the market.

In the latest edition of BSV Weekly, published by the bComm Association, Nguyen said that this year “will see a dedicated focus on scaling – working on the tools and improvements to support massive on-chain scaling.”

The association is also for investors, merchants, developers, and exchanges who recognize the future of money and commerce in blockchain, specifically BSV.

Join the bComm Association today. And to stay up to date on Twitter, follow the official bComm Association account.

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