Miners Day at the CoinGeek Week Conference an important event for all miners

Miners Day at CoinGeek Week Conference an important event for all miners

CoinGeek has been planning its November CoinGeek Week conference for the past six months, but recently had to make a significant change. Based on input from cryptocurrency miners, the event will feature an additional day, dedicated specifically to the mining community. The day’s activities will provide a look at what is going on with Bitcoin BCH mining and where the mining community is headed.

The CoinGeek Week Conference will take place from November 28-30 at The Mermaid, Puddle Dock in London. On November 27, a special invitation-only event for miners, mining pool representatives, equipment manufacturers, mining software developers, and others involved in Bitcoin mining—Miners Day—will be held in London, featuring a number of seminars highlighting efforts to enhance Bitcoin BCH mining activities and providing expert participation on how miners can get the most out of their mining efforts.

Coming on the heels of the Bitcoin BCH upgrade scheduled for the middle of the month, Miners Day is going to be a fantastic opportunity to look at where the network has been and how the upgrades are impacting mining activity. Find out how you can join this invitation-only event here.

Other days of the conference will target different aspects of Bitcoin BCH and the role it plays in a global retail digital economy. Bitcoin BCH is the only cryptocurrency that is dedicated to producing a digital currency that can be used by anyone, anywhere and is continuously receiving more support by merchants and crypto enthusiasts for its rapid network capabilities and extremely low transaction costs.

CoinGeek’s conferences were first launched in May of this year. They have quickly garnered significant attention in the crypto ecosystem because of the information they deliver and their ability to attract some of the most highly qualified experts in the field. This November’s conference will offer a series of discussions, Q&A sessions and networking opportunities that make it a valuable tool for anyone looking to step deeper into the cryptocurrency space.

There are only just about three weeks left until the conference kicks off. Attendance requires a reservation and response has already been tremendous, given as it’s the perfect opportunity to meet the members of the BCH community and discuss not just the ongoing reality of Miners Choice for Bitcoin going forward but also why enterprise applications needing Bitcoin should stop moving in order for the ecosystem to grow.

Don’t delay—you can purchase your ticket today using either Bitcoin BCH on the CoinGeek website or, if you prefer, with a credit card through Eventbrite. Come be part of history.

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