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Meta to introduce AI chatbots with different ‘personas’ to keep users: report

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Meta (NASDAQ: META) is reportedly exploring the implementation of a sophisticated suite of AI-driven chatbots. This initiative is to enhance user retention amid intensifying competition.

According to Financial Times, undisclosed insiders familiar with the matter have revealed that Meta’s forthcoming chatbot range will boast advanced human-like capabilities tailored to engage users in meaningful conversations across its platforms, including Instagram and Facebook.

Facebook’s parent company intends to equip chatbots with multiple personalities to suit different conversational scenarios. The report has confirmed that Meta’s employees have affectionately referred to these chatbots as “personas” due to their distinctive and individual traits.

According to the sources, the technology firm is exploring a personality modeled after Abraham Lincoln, adding speech characteristics reminiscent of his historical persona. The company is also delving into creating a travel guide personality to offer users a distinctive and engaging conversational experience.

While the precise timeline for the project’s launch remains uncertain as of the current report, sources have confirmed that the firm is contemplating a potential release next month. This initiative comes as a response to the significant user decline caused by intensifying competition from rivals like TikTok and Twitter.

A shifting trend

Despite retaining its position as the most visited social media platform worldwide, Facebook has experienced a decline in younger users, who have been drawn to platforms such as TikTok. Al Jazeera reported this trend in May, referencing personal accounts from American teenagers as evidence of this shifting pattern.

Meta launched Threads, positioning it as a significant competitor to Twitter, now known as X, in response to the surging daily active user base following billionaire Elon Musk’s acquisition.

Threads experienced a remarkable uptake, attracting 100 million users within the first five days, courtesy of its seamless sign-up process facilitated by its integration with Instagram. However, interest gradually declined, losing 50% of its user base by the end of July.

The forthcoming project epitomizes Meta’s strategic endeavors to counteract the prevailing trend while simultaneously venturing into AI-powered chatbots’ dynamic and expanding domain.

These chatbots are designed to cater to users seeking fun while also serving as valuable tools to offer product recommendations to Meta’s esteemed users. This multifaceted approach exemplifies Meta’s dedication to adaptability and innovation, aligning with evolving user preferences and technological advancements.

Meta could leverage the project to gather supplementary user data to enhance the precision of product recommendations, according to Financial Times. Moreover, the company plans to conduct regular assessments to guarantee the chatbots’ effectiveness and adherence to pertinent rules.

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