Maxthon announces world’s first Bitcoin SV (BSV) powered Internet & Blockchain browser

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San Francisco, USA – Maxthon, the global Internet browser company, announces it is building the world’s first Bitcoin-powered browser for the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain. Maxthon 6 will be the next version of the award-winning browser – with an alpha release expected in late February, and a beta version targeted for March 2020.

Since 2003, Maxthon has provided a state-of-the-art, multi-platform web browser that is one of the world’s most popular – serving as the default browser for over 670 million users. Since its inception, Maxthon has won many top honors in’s Readers’ Choice Awards; has been nominated for PCWorld’s 100 Best Products; and received a 5-star award from CNET and named “Best Free Software.”   

Bitcoin SV Will Power a Better Internet

Always at the forefront of web technology, Maxthon believes the BSV blockchain will power the next-generation Internet – known as the “Metanet.”  The Metanet is the Internet operating through the Bitcoin blockchain, by combining Bitcoin’s dual capabilities to send financial payments and transmit data simultaneously. It is a better online world that gives consumers easy ways to use and earn micropayments from their online activity, content and data. The Metanet is conceived by Dr. Craig S. Wright  now Chief Scientist of nChain, the leading blockchain technology firm. 

The Metanet is only possible with Bitcoin Satoshi Vision because BSV follows Satoshi Nakamoto’s original protocol and design to massively scale the blockchain. This allows BSV to handle much greater data capacity and process high volumes of fast microtransactions at incredibly low cost. Currently, it costs less than 1/20 of a U.S. cent to send a BSV payment; those fees will become even lower as BSV scales even bigger.

With tiny transaction fees, the BSV blockchain enables online applications for users to quickly send, spend and earn back small amounts of money – pennies or even fractions of a penny – with their data and online activity. As a result, the BSV ecosystem has been exploding with new ventures that give consumers creative ways to use and earn BSV in microtransactions – such as for consumer reviews, social media posts, online games, and even to monetize your identity and consumer data. 

Maxthon’s Browser for a Bitcoin-Powered Internet

BSV seeks to enable a world where data, transactions and digital activity of all types can be “on-chain” on a single blockchain, just like the world operates online on a single Internet. This new on-chain world needs a Bitcoin-powered browser, and that is what Maxthon will provide. Among other features, the new Maxthon 6 browser will:

    • enable easy wallet integration with BSV-powered applications. To use BSV apps, a user typically needs to have a BSV wallet and some coins. Maxthon will explore various ways for its browser to integrate Bitcoin SV wallets through which users acquire, spend and earn coins. This will make it easier for users to quickly begin enjoying the wide range of BSV applications while they surf the Internet;
    • make it easy to upload data, content and other files to the BSV blockchain, even without first needing to hold any BSV coins;
    • act as a “blockchain browser” – providing fast and easy ways to search and view “on-chain” data and content that will become increasingly stored on, and accessed from, the BSV blockchain;
    • support threshold key technology which will make Bitcoin SV wallets more secure to manage; and
    • provide open APIs that allow developers and businesses to easily integrate their blockchain applications to the Maxthon browser.

Maxthon’s founder and CEO Jeff Chen explains: “We want the Maxthon browser to be the online application platform and user’s window to the exciting world of Bitcoin SV combined with the Internet. Our goal is to make it so easy and seamless to use BSV applications that users do not even need to know BSV is involved in the background. Consumers will just know they are using and earning electronic cash from their online content, data, interactions and activity. This is the future of the Internet, and why we believe in Bitcoin SV.”

Jimmy Nguyen, Founding President of Bitcoin Association (the global industry organization that backs Bitcoin SV) comments: “Jeff Chen and Maxthon see early what the rest of the world will come to understand: the Internet’s future will be powered by the Bitcoin SV blockchain. We believe their Maxthon 6 browser will advance a future Internet that truly rewards users for their data, creates monetary value from user online activity, and incentivizes higher web content – all only possible on BSV.”

About Maxthon

Founded in 2005, Maxthon is a global software company that develops state-of-the-art web browsers that give users a seamless browsing experience across multiple platforms. Committed to high standards for innovation, the Maxthon suite of browsers supports a wide range of devices from computer to mobile. Maxthon browsers are used each month by more than 100 million people in 140 countries around the globe. Maxthon has offices in San Francisco, Hong Kong and Beijing. For more information, please visit:

To learn more Maxthon’s plans for the BSV-powered browser, come to the CoinGeek London conference, February 20-21, 2020 in London, United Kingdom. Maxthon’s CEO Jeff Chen will be speaking about the browser plans and other Bitcoin SV projects from his company. Also visit to learn more about BSV.

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