Matthew Dickson of BitBoss discusses online gambling with Bitcoin SV

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Matthew Dickson, the co-founder and CEO of online gaming platform BitBoss, took time out from his hectic schedule to make an appearance at this past February’s CoinGeek London conference. Seeing how the company is helping to revolutionize the gaming industry, using the Bitcoin SV (BSV) network as a foundation, is a huge plus for blockchain adoption, and BitBoss, although a young company, is poised to change online gaming forever. After Dickson took the stage to provide an update on the company’s progress, CoinGeek’s Hannah Jackson spent a few minutes with him to learn firsthand how the company is progressing.

It has repeatedly been said that gambling and blockchain are the perfect marriage, because only blockchain has the ability to offer 100% provability and transparency. BitBoss has been able to capitalize on this union, and is introducing new online gaming solutions that are unparalleled by any other offering. The company is able to offer real-money gambling in real-time with BSV, since it is the only blockchain capable of handling a great number of transactions simultaneously because of its limitless scaling properties.

Games such as slot machines, roulette, baccarat and more are offered, and all provide real-time payouts upon completion. All of the data for each game is sent immediately to WhatsOnChain, and anyone can verify the outcome of the games at any time since all of the data is stored as a transaction. This also allows anyone to analyze the data and ensure that the platform isn’t manipulating the outcome of the games.

The platform has become so successful that conventional gaming initiatives are beginning to transition to BitBoss’s solution. Genesis Games, for example, is working closely with the company to incorporate the technology with its offerings, capitalizing on the low costs and fast transaction capabilities provided by BitBoss and BSV.

BitBoss is also getting into the sports gambling business. It already has its platform set up so it can begin to offer sports gambling lines, but, with the coronavirus pandemic forcing the sports world to a grinding halt, the solution cannot be rolled out to the degree the company had hoped. As soon as sports leagues begin to make their return, BitBoss will be there.

When he completed his presentation, Dickson met up with Jackson to discuss BitBoss. Coming soon, a complete blockchain-based hardware solution will be introduced, which can be used by brick-and-mortar gaming facilities who want to incorporate the power of the blockchain into their operations. This, and all of the company’s offerings, are being greatly facilitated because of BSV’s Genesis upgrade, which has made the network even faster with transaction costs dropping even further. Because capabilities are expanded with the removal of the limit on block sizes on the chain, it opens up new doors to BitBoss and allows the company to bring in even more content that will appeal to a wider range of gaming enthusiasts.

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