Mastercard looking to hire for wallet, crypto projects

One of the largest payment services companies in the world is jumping on board the crypto train. A look through the Mastercard website has found that the company is looking to employ professionals who can assist with a number of blockchain projects focused on cryptocurrencies and the development of e-wallets.

The professionals being sought include senior blockchain engineer, engineer lead, vice-president for product management, and director of product management for cryptocurrencies and wallets, and director of product development and innovation. There are a variety of other senior roles that are also available and included on the website. Those interested are encouraged to apply through the company’s website.

This tilt toward developing their own technology proves that Mastercard is not satisfied with simply being a founding member of Facebook’s Libra project. They now look to expand beyond Libra, which many countries have been hesitant to accept.

The Libra Association is a group of loosely connected members who are supporting the launch of Facebook’s new cryptocurrency, which is expected to be released later this year. Facebook is also recruiting developers to assist in the creation of their wallet, Calibra.

Included in the job descriptions is information related to crypto-assets and what the company is looking for in their potential new hires. To fill these positions, Mastercard asks:

“Do you have the courage to look into the eyes of disruptive forces without fear, and maneuver them to your advantage?

“Do you have the desire to work at the cutting-edge intersection of payments and crypto-currencies?

“Do you have the ambition to build something which you can narrate to your grandchildren?”

Obviously, the answer Mastercard is looking for is “yes.” They want candidates who are ready to make dramatic changes and be innovators in this industry, not only in the financial sector but people who want to make technology that could dramatically impact the world.

The new leadership team will be involved in creating blockchain platforms and innovations that can work with the Mastercard system. Those looking to be directors or vice-presidents need “establish shared vision across the company by influencing and building consensus among the various stakeholders.” They are looking for developers who can help to create new patent applications.

This announcement comes on the heels of Goldman Sachs looking to hire professionals to assist in project management and digital asset management. Goldman Sachs has been looking for developers and project managers to help create their own digital asset platform.

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