Facebook ramps up crypto hiring for Calibra wallet project

Facebook is on the hunt for more crypto development talent, taking the total open job count to 30 as the social media giant looks to bring forward several different crypto projects.

The latest round of vacancies is appealing for engineers to help develop Calibra, the wallet service for Facebook’s proposed on-platform token. The positions, which also include openings for data scientists, will be exploring how users interact between Calibra and other elements of the Facebook app.

According to one of the job descriptions, the wallet service will ultimately be the gateway to a number of other financial services for Facebook users, including consumer payments and online and offline commerce support.

It noted, “The wallet will be the delivery vehicle for many financial services starting with personal payments, but expanding to online and offline commerce and eventually lending and personal financial management.”

The blockchain arm is also currently on the lookout for staff in legal and regulatory roles, including a team of senior compliance staff to be based in Singapore.

Other currently advertised roles include a technology communication director, an SEC reporting director, a director of payments partnerships, a finance program manager, a program manager, a growth product manager, a technology communications manager, a brand strategy manager and a software engineering manager, respectively.

Facebook formally announced its plans for its stablecoin Libra last week, in what was interpreted as a positive move for cryptocurrency on the whole.

However, the announcement was met with some resistance, not least from regulators around the world, who continue to express concerns about several elements of the proposals. Specifically, regulators from across the G7 agreed to establish a Libra taskforce to examine the implications of the plans.

The cryptocurrency will be used on the Facebook platform to access a range of features, including payments between Facebook users, in what could introduce cryptocurrency to potentially billions of consumers worldwide for the first time.

With the team bolstering both technical and legal resources, it looks like Facebook is preparing for the challenges ahead, on its way to bringing the Libra project to market.

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