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Magnus Granath ordered to pay Craig Wright £93,000 in legal costs

Magnus ‘Holdonaut’ Granath has been ordered to make an interim payment of £93,000 (plus VAT) to Dr. Craig Wright with respect to his failed summary judgment application.

Last week, the English High Court finally decided on Granath’s application to have Dr. Wright’s defamation suit thrown out before trial. Granath had argued that Dr. Wright had no reasonable prospect of success, but the court disagreed.

On Wednesday, the formal order was handed down confirming the dismissal of Granath’s application and ordering the social media influencer to pay Dr. Wright’s legal costs associated with the failed attempt, which was initially heard back in February.

Though the costs are still to be agreed between the parties (or subject to detailed assessment if no such agreement can be reached), the court ordered Granath to make an interim payment of £93,000 plus VAT—meaning the full amount is still to be decided.

Granath has 14 days to pay the £93,000.

Earlier this year, in February, Granath paid Dr. Wright £140,000 in relation to Dr. Wright’s victory in the U.K. Court of Appeal in January, adding to a total of £70,000 already paid. With this latest order, Granath will have paid Dr. Wright £303,000—with more to be assessed and before trial even begins.

The parties will meet for a case management conference on July 8, where the trial date will presumably be locked in.

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