Lorien Gamaroff, Craig Wright, Jimmy Nguyen speaking at Africa Tech Festival

Dr. Craig Wright will be speaking at the upcoming Africa Tech Festival, where he will delve into how Bitcoin SV empowers global trade and honesty. Dr. Wright will join the Founding President of the Bitcoin Association Jimmy Nguyen and Bitcoin SV wallet Centbee co-founder and CEO Lorien Gamaroff who will also be speaking at the event.

Dr. Wright will talk about how Bitcoin SV is the only project that adheres to Bitcoin’s original protocol and design. In a continent plagued with high fees and charges in financial transactions, BSV’s very low fees and real-time transactions will enable the people of Africa to finally trade globally with ease.

Dr. Wright will also talk about Bitcoin as a timestamp ledger and how it incentivizes honesty in business and fights corruption. With many leading African economies grappling with corruption, Bitcoin could finally offer the long-awaited solution. Dr. Wright talked about Bitcoin as a timestamp server during his fireside chat at CoinGeek Live last month, explaining why he referenced it in the Bitcoin whitepaper.

Also speaking at the event is Jimmy Nguyen. The founding president of the Bitcoin Association will join a panel that will explore the tech trends that will define the next decade for Africa. He will talk about how blockchain and Bitcoin SV can unlock financial inclusion for the people of Africa.

The co-founder and CEO of Bitcoin SV wallet Centbee, Lorien Gamaroff, is also scheduled to speak during the four-day event. Gamaroff will talk about Bitcoin as a digital microtransactions platform. He will delve into how Bitcoin offers privacy—not anonymity—and why Africans should look at Bitcoin as electronic cash and not just as an investment.

Gamaroff is well-suited to speak about the use of Bitcoin as electronic cash, with his company being a leader in availing Bitcoin SV payment solutions to the people of Africa. Centbee allows its users to pay for diverse services and products, from purchasing electricity and mobile airtime to paying for their rides on Uber and online subscriptions such as Netflix. Centbee also allows its users to withdraw their BSV directly into their bank accounts.

Aside from blockchain, other topics that will feature prominently during the event include artificial intelligence, machine learning, data-driven decision making, agritech, fintech, mobile money and the Internet of Things.

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