Loggeru lays down additional security to Bitcoin SV applications

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At the recent CoinGeek Seoul conference, Bitcoin creator Dr. Craig Wright made a prediction that in the future, hackers would no longer be able to cover their tracks thanks to the immutable nature of Bitcoin SV (BSV). All it would take is a project that aimed to solve that problem, and cyber security would forever be improved.

The folks at Build on BSV have answered that call. On November 23, Andrew Kondelin revealed Loggeru, providing the solution that Dr. Wright asked for:

The code, which can be found on GitHub, allows applications to “Store & retreive[sp]; share or encrypt.” The website advertising the code promotes that “With us, it’s easier than ever. Plus, there are no fees beyond miner requirements.”

Several potential use cases are outlined for the code. It could be used to record SSH attemptions into a server, monitor attempts to read files, record MAC addresses, reduce ATM skimming and generally record how records are altered.

This was made to address the problem Dr. Wright outlined in Seoul, that hackers often escape investigation by covering their tracks. “Computer hackers break in right now, and they succeed because they delete logs,” he noted. “The first thing any APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) does is delete access records. It hides itself. In a future world of Bitcoin, no one will ever hide a trail of what they’ve done. If you hack a server, it will be recorded, eternally. It will be audited eternally. And you will be traced anywhere, anytime, to the ends of this earth.”


This is in theme with BSV’s focus on increasing traceability and accountability through the blockchain. With every change tracked on the blockchain, authorities have an easy to use resource to see what criminals have done and chase them down. With hackers every record altered by a hacker provably written to the blockchain, they are now easier to catch as well.

This is just another piece Build on BSV have created to make Bitcoin SV development easier. Their website is full of handy tips that can help a first time developer learn how to code on BSV and get started on the next great Bitcoin application.

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