Literatus review: Create content and get paid

Literatus review: Create content and get paid

For the longest time, content creators have been exploited by platforms that didn’t have their best interests at heart. According to one study, only 3.5% of freelance content creators make enough to cross the poverty line. Blockchain technology has come to put this to an end and for the first time, content creators have found a way to have control over their content and monetize it as they deem fit. For writers and bloggers, Literatus is the long-awaited solution.

Literatus is a multilingual blogging platform where authors can publish their content and earn in Bitcoin SV (BSV) when readers purchase this content. The platform also allows the author to offer their content for free. Literatus is designed to be multilingual and can easily be extended to many languages on demand.

Would you like to keep up with some of the latest developments in the BSV ecosystem? Or maybe you’re wondering which the best wallet or exchange for your BSV is. Perhaps you are interested in more abstract topics such as financial literacy, or the state of American politics in the lead-up to the upcoming election. Literatus has it all.

The platform has the content categorized into different topics, with something for everyone. They include blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, cyber security, data science, art, gaming, economy, fiction, religion, programming, sports, lifestyle and music.

While these topics can easily be found in many other platforms, what makes Literatus unique is that the authors can monetize their content. To do so, you begin by signing up on the platform in a simple and straightforward process. You can also sign in with your Google account. Once you have an account, you can begin publishing content.

To monetize content, you must flag your post as paid. New content is automatically categorized as free unless you decide to change this. You must also set the price in USD. Once this is done, you’ll notice that part of the post is labeled with a green background. The content on the green background will be shown to your audience for free. However, to access the rest of your content, they’ll have to pay the set price. The free content is usually just a single paragraph or two at most.

Once you publish the post, you get to earn in BSV for every person who is interested in your post.

While other content platforms require an author to hit a minimum threshold before they withdraw, Literatus lets you be in complete control of your finances. The minimum withdrawal limit is 0.0001 BSV, equal to a few cents. The micro transactions are enabled by BSV’s low transaction fees which are among the lowest in the market. This enables the users of the platform to not only withdraw without any thresholds, but also to make micro payments for content from other users.

The users can withdraw their balances by sending the BSV to an exchange or a wallet. Literatus takes just 10% from each sale.

Your hard work and creativity shouldn’t go unrewarded, and Literatus is here to ensure just that.

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