Leading exchange in Turkey adds Bitcoin SV support, markets rally

Leading exchange in Turkey adds Bitcoin SV support, markets rally

Support for the original vision of Bitcoin, now reborn as Bitcoin SV (BSV) is spreading across the globe. Now the leading Turkish cryptocurrency exchange, Vebitcoin, has decided to add support for BSV, and will open up deposits and withdrawals for the crypto at 10:00 p.m. on February 26.

Vebitcoin celebrated the announcement on February 25 on Twitter. They claim this is the first time BSV is available in Turkey, saying (translated), “We are a whole, our vision is clear.”

In addition, local media reports the exchange has removed the ability for foreign nationals to use Turkish Lira deposits and withdrawals. It appears however that foreigners with a Turkish bank account will be allowed to continue transacting in local fiat.

Vebitcoin is the 105th largest crypto exchange in the world at the time of publishing, with $2.5 million in volume daily according to CoinMarketCap. That puts them just $500,000 back from 100th place exchange OKCoin.

The markets have started reacting to BSV’s increased report across the industry. The crypto started February 25 at $61.90, and has currently climbed up to $74.14. In comparison, every other crypto in the top 20 has stayed mostly flat.

This increased momentum for BSV is in part due to the increased support from businesses like Vebitcoin, but also others that have come on board recently. CoinGate, a Lithuanian blockchain payment company, also added support for BSV on February 25. Last week, Gap600 added support for BSV as well on February 21, and OKEx added margin trading for crypto on the same day.

The other reason for increased BSV support is due to its fundamentals. It’s the only coin with a plan to fulfill Bitcoin’s original destiny of being the world’s new money. Because of BSV’s plan to stick to a stable protocol, and pursue massive on chain scaling, it’s providing a path to the future that enterprises can buy into. As a result, increased support and adoption is to be expected.

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