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Latif Ladid on CoinGeek TV: ‘Be part of the blockchain revolution and you’ll be a star in 5 years’

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Blockchain technology will be widely used globally within the next decade, and today is the right time to dive in and be part of the revolution. This is according to Latif Ladid, who in an interview with CoinGeek TV, talked about IPv6, its integration with blockchain technology, his relationship with Dr. Craig Wright, and more.

Ladid, president of the IPv6 Forum, joined CoinGeek TV host Patrick Thompson on the sidelines of the BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai right after giving a keynote speech on IPv6-based IoT and blockchain.

As he told Patrick, while IPv6 sounds like a new protocol, he and others have been promoting it for the past two decades. 

“In the meantime, we have like 50% of the world using IPv6, but they don’t even know it, and that’s the good thing about it. It’s embedded in the infrastructure,” he said.

IPv6 will restore the end-to-end model of the Internet, which Ladid believes is fundamental. In today’s market, we rely on private IP addresses, “which are not routable, so you can’t do peer-to-peer or end-to-end applications.” This Internet protocol will open up new possibilities in the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, 5G, smart cities, autonomous driving, and more.

One of the improvements that IPv6 will bring is its speed, with Ladid saying it will be up to 25% better “because you don’t have boxes in between that are translating the IP addresses. So it’s straight from source to destination in one go.”

Ladid has been pushing for the integration of IPv6 with the BSV blockchain, and as he revealed, he believes that this Internet protocol is only viable when combined with a network that scales unbounded and at minuscule fees. 

In his quest, he has been working with Dr. Wright, an innovator who he stated on stage, “he wishes he had met sooner.” Ladid met the nChain chief scientist months back, and the two have been making appearances at many events to discuss the fusion of blockchain and IPv6.

“The IPv6 gurus that I have in my team were flabbergasted to see that this guy [Dr. Wright] knows this topic very well,” he said.

For businesses concerned about whether they may need to upgrade their systems to support IPv6, Ladid dismissed such concerns, telling CoinGeek TV that the configuration will be automated. The burden will be on the telecom operators, with the consumers barely noticing any changes to the experience, aside from enhanced speed.

Ladid called on students, engineers, and other interested parties to gain as much knowledge as they could on IPv6, saying it would pay off significantly in the future. IPv6-related jobs are on the rise, and he says those with the right expertise will be in high demand.

“Be part of the blockchain revolution and you’ll be one of the superstars in the next five years. Blockchain will be widely used everywhere in the next ten years,” he concluded.

Watch: Latif Ladid’s keynote speech: IPv6-Based 5G/6g, IoT and Blockchain

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