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Latif Ladid: IPv6 is restoring the Internet’s end-to-end model

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Latif Ladid is on a mission to foster the evolution of the Internet from IPv4 into IPv6, and as he told CoinGeek Backstage on the sidelines of the Global IoT Summit in Dublin, IPv6 will finally restore the Internet’s secure end-to-end model.

Ladid was a keynote speaker at the Summit in Dublin, which brought together thought leaders from the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, 5G, and several other emerging technologies. One of these was Dr. Craig Wright, whose keynote presentation focused on how Bitcoin and IPv6 can power IoT.

The Internet was initially intended to have a secure end-to-end model, but since then, “some people have sneaked in their evil function called network address translation,” Ladid told CoinGeek Backstage host Becky Liggero. This makes the Internet less secure and disrupts the end-to-end model.

“By adding IPv6, we restore the end-to-end model, which allows us, in this case, to go for very large-scale applications,” Ladid said.

Aside from IPv6, Ladid talked about blockchain technology and the many industries it can revolutionize. One of these is the food supply chain sector, where data shows 30% of the produced food is lost, totaling over 1.3 billion metric tons (worth $50 billion) of wasted food annually.

By simply integrating blockchain technology in the food production and distribution cycles, we can reduce this wastage by introducing traceability for verified and immutable data on the blockchain.

Ladid revealed that for most of the attendees at the Summit, and even most of his colleagues in the IPv6 and 5G world, blockchain just means “crypto” and speculative trading. He has had to educate many to see beyond the hype into the utility that a massively scaling blockchain can have.

Ladid isn’t a fan of the BTC speculation mania himself. It’s a shame that some few crooks are deceiving people into investing their hard-earned money into a global Ponzi scheme, he told CoinGeek Backstage.

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