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Kurt Wuckert Jr. talks BSV, Bitcoin civil war and Craig Wright on Cash Daddies podcast

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Kurt Wuckert Jr.’s entry into Bitcoin was by luck and coincidence. It started in 2012, when one of his clients asked to pay him in Bitcoin, describing it as “video game money.” Kurt would go on to become a block reward miner and has been hooked since. Recently, Kurt joined the Cash Daddies podcast to talk about why he came back to Bitcoin after a hiatus, the Bitcoin civil war, Craig Wright and why he’s so misunderstood, and why Ripple is the biggest scam in the digital currency space.

Kurt looked back at the Bitcoin civil war which pitted the big blockers who, just like Satoshi, didn’t want to limit Bitcoin and the small blockers, who were well funded by legacy financial players and wanted to keep Bitcoin within certain limits. Bitcoin SV was born with the sole purpose of restoring Satoshi’s vision of peer-to-peer electronic cash and a distributed ledger that can underpin the world’s data at extremely low fees.

“BSV is the unbounded Bitcoin protocol […] and is the most flexible programming network in the world. You can basically build anything on it… It’s also the most scalable. We basically don’t have any competition at all in scaling. In the last week, there’s been more data processed across the BSV network than the entire blockchain ecosystem combined,” Kurt stated.

CoinGeek’s chief Bitcoin historian also talked about Dr. Craig Wright and why despite the attacks from the BTC faction, it’s his vision that has anchored the space. Dr. Wright has been on the receiving end of endless attacks, with some like Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao inserting themselves into disputes that they weren’t involved in just to swing at him, Kurt outlined.

I believe Craig Wright is Satoshi. I believe Craig wrote the Bitcoin whitepaper and was the primary figure in everything.

He believes that Bitcoin SV has a significant edge over all the other blockchain networks.

“If you have a payment friction problem, or a data integrity problem, in your business, these are things specifically that BSV can solve better than any other business tool.”

BSV will gobble up all these other blockchain networks, starting with the miners. These miners are mostly concerned about being profitable, and with Bitcoin SV doing gigabyte blocks, and working towards terabyte blocks, it’s a matter of simple business logic for the miners to switch. Currently, the BSV enterprise blockchain is already the world’s largest public blockchain by all major utility metrics—from data storage and daily transaction volume, to scaling ability and average block size.

The digital currency space is full of liars, scammers, and dishonest people, Kurt said. Cardano is one, with its claims of academic peer reviews being disingenuous. Until two months ago, it was only capable of about seven transactions per second, with no smart contracts. Ripple is worse, Kurt believes, describing it as the biggest scam in the space. “They are a multi-billion-dollar company that has no revenue.”

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