Kronoverse, creators of eSports game CryptoFights, secure further investment from Calvin Ayre

Kronoverse, creators of eSports game CryptoFights, secure further investment from Calvin Ayre

Kronoverse Inc., the independent game-development company behind the CryptoFights fighting game, powered by the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain, has secured a 2nd round of investment from Calvin Ayre. Calvin is an online gaming entrepreneur, and founder of the BSV news and mining company, CoinGeek.

CryptoFights utilizes the Kronoverse platform which replaces the games networking layer from traditional cloud servers to the BSV blockchain. This unlocks massive benefits for gaming by giving the eSports ecosystem a transparent and fair way to have game integrity. 

The game provides another significant boost to BSV blockchain usage and transaction volume. The BSV chain now accommodates all sorts of different companies including weather data, video streaming, social media platforms, and supply chain technology. Why are all these diverse companies using the BSV blockchain? Because it is not only an immutable ledger but it also scales to accommodate vast numbers of transactions per second and many forms of data, right now, unlike any other chain.

Kronoverse’s CryptoFights will use the BSV blockchain in several cutting-edge ways: 

The gameplay uses the BSV blockchain in its networking layer

The platform will record online game battles to the BSV blockchain, so they can be accessed forever

Soon players will be able to replay all their past games using data from the BSV blockchain

Much like Bitcoin is based upon a chain of digital signatures, the game will use a chain of digital signatures to link together player moves to make a permanent audit trail of gameplay

Incredible amounts of game data can be used to further enhance gameplay by adding new layers of live statistics.

These attributes make CryptoFights well-positioned for competitive play, and can revolutionize the eSports industry.

Kronoverse Chief Architect David Case, a speaker at the upcoming CoinGeek Conference in Seoul, explains: “There are CryptoFights games happening all day every day and that is a lot of data to store which is why BSV is the best solution for us and really anybody who needs immutable storage of huge swathes of data. To have this increased support from Calvin allows us to not only expand our product offering but also showcase what the BSV chain can do for any business.”

Calvin Ayre commented: “eSports has seen phenomenal growth in the last few years and there is no sign of that abating any time soon and so the additional investment makes total sense. Any businesses wanting to understand why BSV is the chain that scales and offers real usage right now should come along to our conference in Seoul on October 1st & 2nd, it’ll open your eyes to what blockchain technology can really do.”

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