Konstantinos Sgantzos talks AI and BSV with CoinGeek

YouTube video

Bolooba scientific adviser Konstantinos Sgantzos was among the speakers delivering keynotes at the CoinGeek Conference in London. Sgantzos spoke to delegates about a paper he co-authored on AI, blockchain and the intersection of these two emerging technologies. CoinGeek’s Johanna Botta caught up with Sgantzos after the presentation to ask him about the future of Bitcoin SV (BSV).

Sgantzos presented the findings from his paper, “Artificial Intelligence Implementations on the Blockchain – Use Cases and Future Applications,” to the conference audience. He described the paper as exploring the synergy between AI agents and blockchain technology, utilizing the key properties of blockchain for incentivising and automating data transactions between AI agents.

Sgantzos said linking AI to blockchain allows the development of better incentive structures, which will encourage different AI agents to work together. This, he said, was capable of solving some of the world’s biggest problems efficiently, by combining different AI agents to work together.

He spoke of the analogy of an AI driven car. While the car itself can be powered by AI, the agent could then employ another AI agent to learn about the weather, and another to learn about traffic patterns. Linked and incentivized through transactions on the blockchain, these agents are able to interact with each other, relying on immutable data written two and exchanged on the blockchain.

In particular, he noted the suitability of BSV for handling this type of technology, with BSV microtransactions the perfect model for linking AI agents and incentive structures.

Active learning from immutable data written to and stored on the blockchain means AI can be trained from everyday usage. In turn, this should deliver constantly improving AI quality, as algorithms learn more about their function from the on-chain data available.

Sgantzos told CoinGeek that blockchain as a technology entangled with AI agents are the vehicle to drive humanity to the next stage. AI will be able to learn from its own data, and will be used to solve complex problems we have no idea how to solve today.

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