Kodak Services for Business to employ blockchain management system

Kodak Services for Business has presented a new plan to improve processes for both government and private sector customers. This plan uses the Kodak Scan Cloud and a document management platform, that will use blockchain technology, to provide greater efficiency as well as enhance levels of security.

This comes almost exactly 5 months after KodakONE raised over $1 million from a beta test of its new blockchain platform. The company used this technology to provide copyright protection, distribution, and monetization for images held on its platform. Of the $1 million that was raised, the company received $400,000 of that as a profit.

Now the Kodak brand moves into a new venture, intended to help both businesses and government agencies to protect sensitive documents. This new automated system will help to keep better track of records, as well as provide an archiving system that can still be accessed in real time.

The use of blockchain technology is quickly becoming the standard at Kodak. The partnership with RYDE Holding helped produce the KodakONE platform, and that was an extremely lucrative venture.

Yet, not all the news has been good for Kodak. They were forced to delay the issue of KodakCOIN, the company’s attempt at producing their own cryptocurrency. This occurred in February, just one day prior to them planning to release their initial coin offering (ICO). The plan now is to offer the digital currency on the KodakONE platform, although a date for that initial offering has not been reported.

The successes have far outweighed the negatives for the highly recognized brand. Besides moving into new blockchain ventures, the company released a statement that they were looking to become a big-time player in the rise of “Smart Cities.” The release explained that they would like to help with the technologies that can improve the infrastructure and services in the cities, as they hope to optimize resources to deliver a more efficient system as well as reduce costs.

Kodak has long been the supplier of aerial films that cities, counties, and other communities use to develop mapping applications. Now, with the use of blockchain technology, they look to enhance the current services they are providing by adding a higher level of security.

This is where they hope that their new Scan Cloud will also be of assistance. The purpose of the cloud will be to enable users to process data no matter where they are located. This should not only have an impact on city governments, but could be of great benefit to both state and national organizations.

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