Kleiman v Wright parties want trial delayed to November

Kleiman v Wright parties want trial delayed to November

The parties in Kleiman v Wright have filed a joint motion requesting to re-set the trial date, originally scheduled for June, to November 1, 2021.

The request is due to a confluence of factors. Uncertainty around international travel rules puts Wright at risk of not being able to attend the trial in person in the foreseeable future, counsel for both sides have trials and arbitrations for other cases in July, August and October, while the Jewish High Holidays occur in September and are observed by members of parties’ counsel for both sides. As a result, November is presumably the earliest date convenient for both parties.

The parties also request that the May 11 status conference be moved to one and a half months before trial, which would put that at mid-September, and for the due date for demonstrative and summary exhibits to two months before trial, at the beginning of September.

COVID had originally pushed the trial to October 13, then to January 4 before April’s delay to June 1. A delay to November would make it 3 years and 9 months between Kleiman filing the lawsuit and the start of the trial.

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