Enterprise Blockchain Conference

Keyi Tech and Elas will host the Enterprise Blockchain Conference Australia on July 18-19

Elas and Keyi Tech are among a host of blockchain firms hosting the Enterprise Blockchain Conference Australia on July 18 and 19. The event will feature presentations from distinguished guests in the blockchain space and a developers’ workshop.

The two-day event will be hosted at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Southbank. In addition to Elas and Keyi Tech, the other attendees are Panda Angel and Blockchain Metaverse Association INC.

On the first day, the attendees will be treated to a lineup of elite speakers from the blockchain world, including Dr. Cynthia Cai, a senior lecturer from Macquarie University. She will discuss her research into triple-entry accounting with blockchain. 

Blockchain Metaverse Association INC’s Robert Lee will discuss block reward mining, while Michael Choi, the founder of Panda Angel, will unveil a new product at the event.

The BSV community will be well-represented, with the founders of Elas and Keyi Tech, Lise Li and Brendan Lee, respectively, among the speakers at the event. James Belding, the founder of Tokenized and one of the industry’s thought leaders on tokenization, will also take the stage at the event.

“This conference is a fantastic way for us to let Australia know what’s been happening under the hood. Importantly it will allow the Australian BSV businesses who’ve been building non-stop for the last few years to show off some of what’s been built,” Elas CEO Brendan Lee tells CoinGeek.

On the first day, the speakers will highlight new blockchain innovations and new products from innovators in Australia and beyond. They will shine a spotlight on how the technology can disrupt industries such as supply chain management, networking and social media, finance, the Internet of Things, and data management.

On day 2, the event will cater to developers with a workshop focusing on new tools and developments in the space. They include a deep dive into Bitcoin Script, sCrypt, NFTs, smart contracts, and more. 

Xiaohui Liu, the founder of sCrypt Inc., will be on hand to talk to the developers about deploying smart contracts on Bitcoin SV. He will also delve into his company’s smart contract transpiler, which he unveiled at the BSV Global Blockchain Convention. The transpiler converts code written in Ethereum’s Solidity to the equivalent sCrypt code. This makes it much easier for Ethereum developers to port their applications to Bitcoin SV and leverage its unbounded scaling, stable protocol, and minuscule fees.

The event will be free to attend for all confirmed attendees, and you can easily register and book a spot here.

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