Keith LaForce on ‘Hashing it Out’ Episode 12: Haste SDK introduces new revenue stream for traditional game developers

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The gaming market is beyond gigantic, there’s not really a word to even describe it in a lot of ways. One third of the world plays games. That’s how big the market is. And most of those people are casual gamers. They’re not people that are playing professionally. – Keith LaForce, Haste Arcade

Believe it or not, gaming accounts for 98% of the activity on the BSV blockchain, all generated from games that are still in alpha or beta testing, including Haste Arcade. BSV is the only blockchain that can handle millions of transactions per day with incredibly low transaction fees of $.002 – $.005, the perfect plumbing for Haste Arcade’s signature Instant Leaderboard Payout (ILP) functionality.

In an effort to grow the ILP game ecosystem beyond their simple dot game for example, Haste Arcade built an SDK to allow game developers to do what they do best and enjoy a new revenue stream while they’re at it.

“We’re not professional game developers. And so we said, OK, we can try to churn out more games, but is that really the best model to follow, or is this something we can share with the world and have people that are very good at making games come in here and create new revenue streams for themselves?” shared Keith LaForce, Technical Co-Founder of Haste Arcade.

LaForce, who has been involved with game development since high school, was “hooked” straight away once he was exposed to the notion of micropayments and the simplicity of the Haste ILP games.

“You think about your traditional single player game. I play a game, takes me a few weeks. I generally don’t go back and play it again because I’m moving on to the next thing. I’m going to move on to the next game. And the next game. And the next game. Because there isn’t something there that’s ultimately keeping me,” LaForce shared.

“I love the idea of casual gamers actually making a revenue out of this. But it’s really the competitiveness that makes it really interesting to me…I think that stickiness is what makes ILP different and ultimately it will make it better for game developers to build these ILP games,” he added.

The Haste Arcade is made up of a couple of components, the arcade itself where gamers can enjoy a selection of ILP games and the developer portal where game developers can go, integrate with the platform and start making money.

“For a developer, every play that someone does for one of your games, you will get a portion of those funds. So we track all the leaderboard management, we track all the integration with the wallet, which in this case is HandCash, we handle all that work for the developer. All they have to worry about is building a really good game,” LaForce revealed.

“The way the system is set up today, certainly for any game devs, [ads are] really the only way you can make money. So for ILP, to know that every time someone plays your game, you’re going to get some revenue, that’s a really powerful story and it scales well,” he added.

In an effort to engage the mass market and provide value, the Haste Arcade SDK has been designed for game developers who are not in the BSV space, making the technology as simple as possible to integrate with, regardless of any previous blockchain knowledge.

“When we look at Bitcoin as a whole, the main goal is trying to make sure it’s providing value to people,” LaForce said.

“That’s one of the things I love about the BSV community, is it’s very focused on utility. It’s not focused on speculation; it’s not focused on anything else. As a person that has built a lot of products, if you’re not providing value to people, it’s not going to get used. So let’s build something that provides value,” he said.

“Haste Arcade is a product that we are building, but ILP is really what we care about…we want to be able to change people’s lives by giving them these new revenue streams to do things that they really enjoy, they’re really good at or they were going to do anyway,” LaForce added.

Coming up next week, LaForce will be at CoinGeek New York alongside his twin brother Eric LaForce who is also a Technical Co-Founder of Haste Arcade. The pair encourages game developers to attend in person or online and explore the new opportunities micropayments and ILP functionality provide for them and for gamers.

Eric LaForce will be speaking on the “Online Games: Next Level on the BSV Blockchain” panel at 10:00 EST on Tuesday, October 5, alongside Brandon Bryan of HandCash, Jackson Laskey of Unbounded Enterprise and Taylor Searle of Built By Gamers.

“The goal of that session is to really start to set the stage for what we’ve been doing as organizations and how we’ve been partnering together to build something that again provides value to people, but more importantly, provides value to people outside of the BSV community,” LaForce said.

“We believe in and love the BSV community, and we think that it is certainly going to be taking over the world. And the way you do that is you build products that mainstream people want to use and don’t have to think about the scary Bitcoin or blockchain concepts that are there,” he emphasized.

“If you’re a game developer and you’re in New York, just walk up to us and start talking. We want to hear from you. The more games we get in the arcade, the better the platform is going to be in, the better for the BSV community is going to be and we just want to hear from you,” he added.

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