Justin Sun continues inviting controversy by attending a SF party

Justin Sun continues inviting controversy by attending SF party

Justin Sun is either the lucky recipient of miracle healing, or a very bad liar. After postponing a lunch with billionaire Warren Buffett, the Tron founder was apparently well enough to meet up with some adoring fans.

As reported by CoinDesk, Sun met with several influencers at a San Francisco party on July 25. A crypto YouTuber even shared a picture of the party, with Sun looking pretty happy and healthy.

This comes mere days after he tanked the price of his dark coin by postponing a charity lunch with Warren Buffett, a meal that he paid over $4 million to have. While several storied circulated as to the real reason he could not make the meeting, he at least publically only admitted to health issues.

Now, this isn’t to say that he’s still not ill. Kidney stones, of which Sun was supposedly suffering from when he chose to postpone his Buffet meeting, can be an on and off type of problem. All the same, it’s telling that he felt just fine to meet with some admirers, but not well enough to meet with the skeptical views of one of Wall Street’s biggest names.

In the aftermath of declining to meet with Buffett, Sun apologized to anyone who would listen that he had perhaps over marketed Tron by attempting to meet with the billionaire. All the same, he kept to the story that he was experiencing health issues, commenting, “In the future, due to my illness, I will take some rest.”

While it looks like everyone had fun at the San Francisco party, scheduled one year after Tron acquired BitTorrent, one person who isn’t happy with how things are going is BitTorrent founder, Bram Cohen. Apparently, Justin Sun might be hurting for money:

So what’s the truth here? Is Sun really sick, or just not up to meeting with Buffett? Is Tron a success, or a struggling dark coin, accused of illegal fundraising and unable to pay up on its deals? The hard questions aren’t going to stop anytime soon for Justin Sun.

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