Justin Sun calls TRON a shitcoin, annoys TRON and BTC world

Justin Sun is clearly talented at gaining attention for TRON, but one has to conclude he doesn’t know how to be professional about it. At the recent Satoshi Roundtable event, hosted by Bruce Fenton, Sun made quite the splash, and it has his supporters and detractors all riled up.

The Satoshi Roundtable is not organized like a typical conference. Fenton notes that its focus is on bringing people together who normally wouldn’t talk to each other. That means BTC maximalists and developers of other projects, like TRON, might find themselves spending quite a bit of time together, and possibly drinking. 

That appears to be the scenario that led to Justin Sun calling Tron a “shitcoin.”


Although the comment was pretty clearly made in jest, TRON supporters aren’t very happy with Sun’s comments. Several Twitter users noted that calling the project a shitcoin could rub investors the wrong way, even if the comment was made in good fun.

But that pales in comparison to the BTC reaction to this event. For those who like to pretend BTC is somehow above the practices of “shitcoins,” it was heartbreaking to see Sun having a great time with Blockstreams’ Adam Back, an influential person in the BTC community.

With half of the crypto world asking William Shatner his thoughts on the industry, and photo evidence of the Satoshi Roundtable showing lots of people having fun. But the backlash from the more fanatical and serious investors of each project tells a different story.

With Sun calling his project a shitcoin, and BTC leaders getting flack for even being seen with the man, the movements supporting each project clearly have no appetite for comradery. TRON investors like to pretend they are investing in a serious project, and BTC investors like to pretend they aren’t investing in a scam.

The difference is, Sun is willing to have some fun with TRON. Publicity stunts like a lunch with Warren Buffet,  trying to piggyback on a Disney trademark, and laughing it up with Peter McCormack make it pretty obvious that he’s not a true professional. BTC likes to pretend they are above all that, but stories of criminally funded enterprises using BTC and seedy histories of their leaders contradict that narrative.

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