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Joshua Henslee: Every significant metric is positive for BSV

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Joshua Henslee, a former ERP and software consultant, isn’t worried by the falling dollar price of Bitcoin SV: “As the price goes down,” he says, “it’s almost as if the entrepreneurs and applications being built are going up.” 

Talking to Charles Miller on CoinGeek Conversations, Joshua says he is happy to see the increasing utilization of tokens, NFTs, and new marketplaces on the BSV blockchain. As he stressed, “every significant metric is in the positive trend for Bitcoin SV, except its dollar price.” 

Josh also discusses his views on legal matters, referencing the recent Craig Wright vs Ira Kleiman case. He questions the judge’s ability to issue a court order to miners to reroute coins or reassign ownership of a blockchain, saying that the judge did not have sufficient knowledge of Bitcoin and its workings. As he points out, the complexity of the case was evident as the court case dragged on for 45 days with the jury taking 10 days to deliberate and come up with a final verdict. 

Josh also questions the role of law when it comes to income tax in the Bitcoin world. As he points out, “the reality is a lot of people I know, most or some will not [pay],” he says. “It turns into more of the individual taking personal responsibility and doing what they’re supposed to do.” 

In another of his YouTube videos called “Upload a file to the blockchain in five minutes,” Josh guides programmers to do as the title suggests. But for non-programmers like Charles, getting his hands on a user-friendly interface might not be too far away in the future, Josh says. “I think really it’s the inability for the apps that do that to monetize that really give you a slick UI and make it really easy for the end user.” 

 Josh is interested in two recent initiatives built on the BSV blockchain. The first is Jamify, a music platform which lets users listen to music, purchase a music NFT and interact with the artist and vice versa. He says Jamify’s advantage compared to conventional music platforms existing today is its low cost barrier to entry and the artists’ ability to accept micropayments. The second initiative, 1000 Blades, is an NFT card game to which participants can purchase NFTs and win rewards. To learn more about Josh’s initiatives, go to his YouTube channel.

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