Jonathan Dayao on CoinGeek Backstage

Jonathan Dayao on CoinGeek Backstage: We have to equip young minds with skills for emerging technology

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The world is increasingly going digital, Jonathan Dayao believes we need to have a shift in our education systems to better prepare young students with relevant skills. Speaking to CoinGeek Backstage, the Vice President at Mapua Malayan Digital College stated that the Philippines needs more courses that cater to emerging technologies like blockchain.

Speaking to CoinGeek Backstage host Claire Celdran at the inaugural Blockchain Social Manila, Dayao stated that the time has come for Filipino institutions to change their curricula to match the digital age.

“We are creating curricula that will enable our students to be useful in [emerging] industries straight away. So, we think about certain technology that will be useful in any industry and then we gear curricula in a way that will allow our students to hit the ground running,” he said.

The Philippines is a global leader in blockchain and digital asset adoption. However, Dayao noted that the country’s learning institutions have yet to catch up with the changing tide and teach blockchain courses. For now, most students have to rely on online courses offered by platforms such as Coursera, LinkedIn, and the vastly resourceful Bitcoin SV Academy.

While these courses are a godsend for many Filipinos, Dayao believes local institutions must step up and contextualize them to fit the country’s education system better.

“Maybe in a few years, we’ll be able to come up with a curriculum that will be fit for the Filipino audience,” he stated.

Before attending Blockchain Social Manila, Dayao believed that Bitcoin transactions were quite expensive and slow. However, at the event, he learned about Satoshi’s vision for Bitcoin, restored through BSV, for an infinitely scaling electronic cash system where fees are consistently low, and transactions are in real-time.

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