Jimmy Nguyen: It’s about time for another CoinGeek conference

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Ahead of next week’s CoinGeek Conference in New York, Charles Miller speaks to Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen about the complexities of organizing a live event in the time of COVID.

“It’s exciting—yet painful—because of COVID challenges with travel,” Jimmy says. Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, global lockdown restrictions have prevented many from traveling in and out of their countries, but CoinGeek’s organizers haven’t let that interrupt their conference schedule and have now evolved a hybrid format combining in person and specially designed online experiences.

Being able to work on both those facets of an event at once has been “the silver lining in this cloud of COVID,” Jimmy said.

So online viewers can expect a broadcast-quality show, complete with lights, cameras, directors, and a superb stage, whilst the conference will also welcome a live in-person audience. “It’s like going to be like a live awards show taping or TV show broadcast.”

Similar to the last two conferences—CoinGeek Live 2020 and CoinGeek Zurich 2021—CoinGeek New York will showcase both live and virtual speakers on stage, to deliver the latest in the BSV ecosystem. And just like CoinGeek Zurich, the event will be livestreamed on CoinGeek’s YouTube channel where audiences around the world can conveniently tune in to enjoy the show.

Charles, who attended CoinGeek Zurich in June, asked Jimmy whether there had been enough new developments in the past four months to justify another conference now. Jimmy was quick to point out that there will be a number of new project releases that he is very excited about, including updates on the first stablecoin on BSV, announcements about BSV use in the online gaming and the esports space as well as some news about the latest NFTs on BSV.

In addition, Jimmy mentioned looking forward to the presentation of Blarecast, the much-anticipated music platform launching on the BSV blockchain. He is also excited to hear from the founder of Aequantium, who is expected to talk about a new use of tokens as a financial instrument.

What was Jimmy’s rationale for choosing the conference slogan “It’s About Time?” He said it comes from the fact that Bitcoin SV system elements are—indeed—about time. “The white paper did not call it a blockchain, it is described as a distributed timestamped server.”

In addition, Jimmy explains the other connotations that can be derived from the theme. “It’s about time for Bitcoin to be useful and not to be just treated as a speculative investment asset or a store of value; it’s about time for the blockchain ecosystem to be more legally compliant; it’s about time for real global adoption; it’s about time for Bitcoin SV’s power, that as we know were limited by the scaling wars, to finally really be unleashed.”

CoinGeek New York will be held at the Sheraton Hotel in Times Square. To register to be an online participant, go to: https://coingeekconference.com. There’s still time!

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