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Jimmy Nguyen announces Blockchain For All as he sets sights on building Metaverse complexes around the world

In September, BSV spokesperson Jimmy Nguyen announced he was setting sail for new horizons.

Nguyen had been an outspoken advocate for BSV blockchain and scaling the original Bitcoin protocol for years, traveling the world to host BSV Blockchain conventions and other related events. So, we knew whatever he would do next would be big.

This week, Nguyen announced the formation of a new company—Blockchain For All—which will provide advice, education, and technology solutions with the aim of making blockchain useful to all people, industries, and countries. 

Nguyen has consistently advocated for massively scaling blockchain technology for years, making it technology that can handle huge transactions volumes and big data transfers for tiny fees and at high speeds. This new venture will undoubtedly help with that.

Introducing Metaverse complexes across the world

Anyone involved in the blockchain industry knows well that the Metaverse has been the big theme for the past few years. Nguyen’s first venture will focus on building five Metaverse ecosystem complexes in major cities worldwide.

What does a Metaverse complex look like? They’ll be:

1. Anchored by immersive theaters or performance spaces.

2. Fitted with technology to enable “phygital” (physical + digital) experiences.

3. Will be multi-use sites with Metaverse and volumetric production studios, education centers, potential startup hubs, and adjacent hotel/hospitality properties.

Nguyen is determined to take all of the talks about blockchain and other emergent technologies and demonstrate what they’re capable of in reality. He wants people to see the results in action.

The roadmap for the Metaverse ecosystem complexes is as follows:

  • London, U.K. – Target launch in 2024.
  • UAE – Target launch in 2025.
  • Singapore – Target launch in 2026.
  • Sydney, Australia – Target launch in 2027.
  • Miami, USA – Target launch in 2028.

Among the technologies, Nguyen and his partners see as having potential for integration into these centers are AR/VR, holographic and 3D displays, blockchain-powered NFTs, digital currencies, rewards tokens, IoT devices, biometric data, machine learning, and more.

The team behind the Metaverse venture

Nguyen will work with two faces that should be familiar to BSV ecosystem participants: Ketan Makwana and Michael Jacobson, the co-founders of Seventy7 Ventures. These experienced businessmen will certainly bring skill sets that complement Nguyen’s, giving this venture the best chance of success.

Jacobson is a world-leading entrepreneur in the live entertainment and leisure industries. His companies controlled IP rights to the classic motion picture ‘Dirty Dancing’ and has had many other successful ventures, including owning theaters, arenas, and convention centers.

Makwana currently serves as Chairman of Seventy7 Ventures and is a respected tech entrepreneur and investor. He has been involved in over 400 startups and even served as an advisor to a former U.K. prime minister.

Good luck, Jimmy!

The team at CoinGeek would like to wish Jimmy all the best in this new venture. It’s an exciting development, and we’ll be reporting on its progress all the way. With a great man like him at the helm, we’re sure it will be a wild success!

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