Bitcoin SV

Introducing, a one-stop hub for BSV

This week marks the re-launch of Bitcoin Association’s hub for all things Bitcoin SV (BSV):

The site is intended to serve as a broad repository of information for everything relating to BSV. Whether you’re a newcomer to the BSV ecosystem or an experienced developer, the site has the information you need—or can tell you where to get it.

Now in its first phase, the site includes a high-level introduction to Bitcoin, a primer on the technical details of the BSV protocol, and information for current or prospective developers to get started building applications on the blockchain. It also collates some of the most exciting projects already being developed using BSV and how you can find them. This is in no way meant to serve as a complete list of all the interesting projects being built on BSV; more are being added over the next days and weeks.

“This new site has been build to truly showcase BSV as a technology to a much wider audience—charting key metrics and milestones, demonstrating the disruptive qualities and unique capabilities of its blockchain, as well as the growing number of use cases emerging on the network,” says Patrick Prinz, Managing Director of Bitcoin Association.

“The BSV blockchain has the potential to shake up entire industries and communicating this in a manner that will appeal to a wide range of audiences—from enterprises and governments, start-ups and investors, through to developers and students—is key to the ongoing success of the ecosystem. At the new, this is achieved by demystifying the absurdly clever, yet abstract, nature of the underlying technologies, what they are and how they interact.”

Over a series of scheduled subsequent phases, the site will extend to incorporate every aspect of Bitcoin including a live news section, featured articles, tutorials and a better developer onboarding, interactive technology demonstrations, a definitive up-to date directory and a dedicated community hub with groups, forums, event listings, chat and much, much more.

“This is the first step on an ambitious technical roadmap for,” added Prinz.

“As we build out the interactive platform, there are several features planned which will make learning, building and transitioning to BSV easier than ever before, including the inclusion of a transpiler to convert Solidity-native smart contracts into UTXO-based smart contracts using Bitcoin Script.”

Many content pieces are provided by stakeholders from across the ecosystem and all interested parties are encouraged to engage and contribute to the development of the website platform.

This is just the beginning. Eventually, will produce high value BSV-related content of its own while continuing to be the multi-purpose informational hub at the center of the ecosystem.

Visit the site today and learn more about Bitcoin SV is building a global infrastructure with unbounded efficiency.

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