Internal infighting, doubts in Roger Ver plague Bitcoin Cash

Internal infighting, doubts in Roger Ver plague Bitcoin Cash

The internal infighting and self-doubt amongst the Bitcoin Cash (BCHABC) camp hasn’t stopped, and if anything, it appears to be getting worse. Leaked Telegram conversations, posted on Twitter, indicate that confidence amongst the development team is at an all-time low, and several are upset with Roger Ver.

Part of a conversation was leaked by Twitter user Skylark_BitCoin, and features BCHABC developer Amaury Séchet and other contemplating the state of their development. It begins with an already depressive tone (if you’re a fan of BCHABC), discussion’s recent, desperate move to find funding, with writer David Shares noting that Bitcoin Cash needs saving from its current state.

Séchet, who might be sick of the whole thing now, points out that whatever happens, he’s going to be fine. “You are worried for me, but ou [sic] shouldn’t. I have plenty of offer for employment.”

The conversation then turns to Roger Ver, who Séchet comments doesn’t even contribute enough to pay one developers salary, and questioned his choice to fund miners rather than infrastructure.

CoinGeek has also learned that there was an internal backlash when Roger Ver recently tweeted on the state of Bitcoin SV, showing that he might have had appreciation for the project while still opposing Dr. Craig Wright.

We have learned that this set Séchet off, who felt Ver was sending “sell signals” for BCHABC. Ver, who with his ownership of is basically the face of Bitcoin Cash, has undermined the project and given mixed signals, dooming the project, with Séchet concluding, “This tweet say ‘I can’t get my shit together under no circumstances.’”

That’s a damning accusation to come within Roger Ver’s own camp. For a writer of his own outfit to feel the project is on the brink of failure, and one of the most notable developers he has on staff to be questioning his actions and motivation, indicates that BCHABC is on the brink of collapse. Would anyone really be surprised if the whole project sinks if this current fundraiser doesn’t pull through?

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