Ina Samovich: Building Bitcoin solutions to businesses needs

Ina Samovich: Building Bitcoin solutions for business needs

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Building business adoption for Bitcoin use is about providing them an upgrade over existing payment options, but also providing them features that fit their use cases. CopPay, the Belarus crypto payment solution firm and Bitcoin SV (BSV) supporter, is finding new ways to do this, and their CEO, Ina Samovich, joined’s Becky Liggero to talk about how they’re getting this done.

Understanding a company’s needs is key to understanding how Bitcoin can help improve their business model, and that’s where CopPay comes in. “Our first priority is working with businesses, so we create the bridge between traditional economy and Bitcoin, and helps businesses to incorporate Bitcoin into their business activities,” Samovich explained. “So they can accept Bitcoin in their daily operations, and they can also use Bitcoin in order to pay their clients and partners.”

Liggero asked the CEO what is it exactly about CopPay’s product that makes it easier for clients to accept crypto payments with. “It is always available,” Samovich explained simply. “Our platform is available 24/7, and they can always go online and create orders or create requests to accept Bitcoin, so it is really easy if they are online and just connected to our platform.”

Even if options like BSV provide a superior experience, many decision makers will want to settle their accounts in fiat at the end of the day. Liggero asked if that was an option with CopPay. “Yes, of course,” Samovich replied. “This is what we do. We give opportunity to businesses to accept Bitcoin, but they would receive euro or other fiat currency to their bank account.”

CopPay has supported BSV for some time now, and that’s because they believe in its future. “This is a great blockchain that has lots of potential, and seeing that its working on building this blockchain further on, it’s solving many issues that businesses have right now in Bitcoin adoption,” she noted. “So we believe that we actually, very soon, will have a great blockchain that will help businesses to solve those issues.”

The next big thing from the payment provider isn’t something Samovich could elaborate on, but it’s going to be something the business community is clamoring for. “We basically extending our businesses in providing more futures, in terms of business needs, we ask our clients what they want to see in our platform,” she said. “We just need to extend those features we already have to more clients so they aren’t afraid to use Bitcoin.”

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