Dunja Rombouts

In a pickle? New service offers fast response to domestic emergencies

Where do you turn when there’s a household emergency? An electrical problem? A burst pipe? A smashed window? Most people find there aren’t enough tradespeople available for emergency callouts. And if you can find someone, their response is often slow and the service is expensive.

Pickle is a new business platform that solves these problems by connecting available tradespeople with a vast customer network.

And in the process, Pickle encourages and trains a new generation of skilled service providers by connecting them to senior tradespeople who are willing to be mentors. In return, mentors are rewarded with Pickle tokens.

Dunja Rombouts, CEO and founder of Pickle, brings a unique set of skills and knowledge to her business. As a former firefighter, she trained as a locksmith to supplement her earnings. Through her connections in the fire service, she aims to onboard the 90% of firefighters who, like her, already have secondary incomes and are qualified in a trade. Firefighters are trained in dealing with emergency callouts and are available for work when they are off duty.

Pickle will support all new tradespeople with training, business set up and administration through a clear and simple path that will help solve the trades resource gap. Its platform and community will ensure industry-leading reliability for all stakeholders and customers through moderate costs and time-efficient responses, the quality of its workmanship and all facets of customer service.

Through the utilisation of technology—blockchain, digital currency, tokens and much more—Pickle is building the trades platform of tomorrow. The business is supported by a group of industry leaders who serve as a board of advisors and thinktank. They are collectively committed to the transformation of the trades experience and a constant improvement model.

And Rombouts has a greater vision for how Pickle can help improve mental health, as she explains: “I believe that financial difficulties and the lack of time we have with our family and friends and not spending time alone to quiet our minds is a great contributing factor to our declining mental health. We forgot how to be creative, we forgot how to be warriors.” That’s why Pickle’s training will include a Warrior Spirit program, created by UFC mental performance coach, Daria Albers.

As Rombouts says, “Pickle’s tech gives you freedom to work if and when you want but get rewarded instantly – and while you are on the platform, to bring out your warrior spirit!”

Pickle is one of the BSV startups in Cohort 2 of Satoshi Block Dojo, the incubator which is currently completing its second programme in London.

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