Agata Slater on CoinGeek TV

IBM’s Agata Slater: It’s all about the business solutions, not the underlying technology

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Businesses don’t care about the underlying blockchain technology you’re building on; they only care about the solutions you offer them. This is according to IBM’s Dr. Agata Slater, who believes blockchain tribalism is getting in the way of real innovation. In an interview with CoinGeek TV, she discussed IBM’s interest in blockchain, Web3, and more.

Dr. Slater was on stage on Day 2 of the London Blockchain Conference for a panel discussion on blockchain-enabled trust. She believes London is the best home for the conference as it has a balanced ecosystem of enterprises, startups, and government, all open to trying new technologies.

Agata Slater on CoinGeek TV

The three-day conference recorded a high proportion of blockchain newbies. This, Dr. Slater says, reflects the increasing adoption of blockchain and the renewed focus on real solutions and opportunities over buzzwords.

IBM has been known to contribute to and work with private ledgers (also known as permissioned blockchains) like Hyperledger Fabric. However, as Dr. Slater noted, it’s about the business solutions, not the underlying technology. The New York-based tech giant appreciates that there is a need for public blockchains like BSV blockchain and is ready to work with anyone on any network if they offer a solution.

“IBM has become blockchain-agnostic, and we work with any technology that we feel solves the problems our clients have,” she told CoinGeek TV host Becky Liggero.

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“We feel like BSV is a really good fit for enterprises as they need immense scale. So, we need to offer them blockchain solutions that are scalable and stable,” she added.

And while she recommends BSV blockchain, she believes that the choice of technology should be secondary. It’s all about the business solutions first.

“Business and value first, and technology second,” she said.

Most blockchain developers have it the other way and continue focusing on selling the technology first. However, according to Dr. Slater, businesses don’t care about the underlying technology if the solution works.

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