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How two old friends are supporting Ukraine with a charity NFT

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Yuriy Porytko is a fifth generation Ukrainian-American who says sport has been a significant vehicle in his life when it comes to connecting with people. It was through skateboarding that he met Adam Hawley, the managing partner at NFTfamiliars. It’s a new NFT company which has just launched a charity initiative to support Ukraine. All the proceeds raised will go to the United Ukrainian American Relief Committee (UUARC) to help Ukrainians affected by the country’s war with Russia. 

Yuriy describes Adam as a significant force in the skateboarding community having manufactured skateboard equipment and merchandise under his own company name, Failure. Having been in the same community for more than two decades, Yuriy considers Adam to be “family.”

The Ukrainian Relief NFT collection is a collection of NFTs that can be purchased through NFT marketplace FabriikX. Adam guarantees that the purchase price will go direct to UUARC, something that is made possible with BSV blockchain. “This NFT means your money goes directly within minutes into that account, into those people’s hands, into this channel. The BSV aspect of it just enables it to happen immediately,” he explains.

The NFT artwork functions as a keepsake for its owner and contains images that represent Ukraine, the resilience of its citizens and the spirit that guides Ukrainians as they navigate their way in the midst of war. 

As Adam tells Charles Miller in this episode of CoinGeek Conversations, this is the first charity initiative on NFTfamiliars. He believes that the BSV blockchain will also be able to help with the commercial aspect of integrating community. “It’s basically all the familiarity. It’s the familiarity of everything. It’s the connectivity of everything. It’s the blockchain… through the different NFTs, which puts everyone in their own familiarity space and make them feel comfortable.”

As parting words, Yuriy conveys this message to viewers and listeners: “People don’t understand that the simplest little acts make the biggest difference. Every little thing counts. You know, just keep the Ukrainian people in your thoughts and your prayers.”

To find out more about the Ukraine initiative on NFTfamiliars, check out this CoinGeek article.

And to purchase your own NFT and contribute to the cause, go to the limited edition NFTs on FabriikX.

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