How programs like CambrianSV help solve adoptions

The need for enterprises and end-users to take serious interest and embrace blockchain is crucial to the sector’s long-term survival. Luckily there are programs such as the CambrianSV Bootcamp that promote ingenuity and innovation in the Bitcoin society, helping startups learn how to develop the next generation of applications and services that onboard these consumers into a blockchain-driven economy. 

All CambrianSV demands of its participants are that they have the ambition to learn as much as they could, to explore creative business models, to encourage and work with their peers, and to strive in efficiently creating a product enabled by Bitcoin SV (BSV).

BSV offers developers unique advantages they will need to build enterprise-ready products on top of a public blockchain and achieve their goals: stable protocol decentralizes power and enables builders to focus on long-term goals; large blocks allow Bitcoin to scale to handle the world’s traffic; and microtransactions enable entirely new classes of business models

CambrianSV gives aspiring developers the knowledge and coaching they need to create user-friendly applications that can solve a problem for a mass audience. Developers that attend will be able to work with individuals who are highly knowledgeable and experienced in the industry. These include top technical minds and fellow developers who have the means to guide them in better understanding the potential of the Bitcoin SV chain and the capabilities it offers.

Taking place in Lisbon, Portugal, on February 9-14, the Bootcamp is a seven-day “Proof of Work” program that intended to help developers build and improve the next generation products for a transaction-based economy using Bitcoin SV. The event consists of brainstorming, workshops, and small group working sessions. It begins with project introductions on the first day and ends with group debriefing on the last. It was designed to be able to accelerate the process of coming up with a product, from planning the concept to its release in the most efficient way possible. 

CambrianSV organizers highly emphasize that the event grants no prizes, so people do not treat it and feel as if it is a competition. The atmosphere encourages collaborations to hopefully enable individuals and teams to learn, grasp ideas, build solutions, and speed-up the launch of the products. By the end of the event, each team needs to have finished creating a product that produces on-chain transactions. On top of this, teams and products that showcase significant potential have the opportunity to secure seed-round investments later on.

Bitcoin SV has already proven they are the only public chain capable of supporting global communities and enterprise organizations. It is rapidly gaining favor around the world with a steady protocol that allows businesses to become more efficient and profitable. Thanks to CambrianSV, more and more developers will be able to take advantage of Bitcoin’s transformative technology.  

Watch the CoinGeek Originals: Bitcoin Bootcamp documentary, and relive how CambrianSV—and Bitcoin SV—is driving programmers to create a new world of commerce.

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