Highlights from Day 2 of CoinGeek Zurich

The second day of CoinGeek’s Zurich Conference 2021 featured a host of innovative ways to use blockchain tech to solve global problems for a diverse range of industries from iGaming to eSports and Governments to that buzzword of the moment, NFTs. There is even an NFT of rapper Mandeep’s song about Bitcoin!

Here is a quick summary of what happened earlier today:

  • “Mighty oaks from little acorns grow”: The Islands of Tuvalu may be small but is very forward thinking in embracing new technologies and Day 2 started with the unveiling of a national citizenship registry and a digital cashsolution for the Islands which will be the first two prototypes for the world first National Digital Ledger project
  • Independent Market Research specialists Fundstrat announced details of the latest report on Blockchain-as-a-Service and concluded that “BSV is taking a unique technological approach to its network and that people are building real applications on it. Compared to competing networks, BSV is designed to offer higher throughput and lower transaction fees.” (Full report available on request)
  • MNP, one of Canada’s largest Certified Accountant firms, have developed an assessment framework and related criteria assessing the relevance of the Bitcoin scripting language (including OpCodes incorporated in it), protocol elements, and capabilities in current implementations – Bitcoin SV (BSV) and Bitcoin Core (BTC) against Satoshi’s original vision. “Our findings indicate that Bitcoin SV is most representative of Satoshi Nakamoto’s original intention and design for Bitcoin.” (Summary document available on LinkedIn)

Tomorrow (Thursday, June 10) sees the thorny matter of the environmental impact of Bitcoin, the important issue of cyber security, a special showcase devoted to the Chinese blockchain market and, of course, the much anticipated debate between Bitcoin sceptics Professor Nouriel Roubini and Nassim Nicholas Taleb in conversation with Bitcoin creator Dr Craig Wright.

The event played host to a limited number of attendees at its physical venue in Zurich, Switzerland and was broadcasted to nearly 30,000 viewers across the world over several different platforms including Twitter, Periscope, Facebook and YouTube.

In case you missed the 2nd day of CoinGeek Zurich 2021 you can watch the full live stream of day one here. And if you want to see a live demonstration of 50,000 transactions per second on chain then please enjoy.

CoinGeek Zurich is powered by Ayre Ventures and kindly sponsored by: Bitcoin Association, Boquan, Cozen O’Connor, EHR Data, Fabriik, nChain, Ontier, TAAL and Vaionex.

We have just one more day of the conference with a packed agenda that continues to be free to access.

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