Haste Player Card

Haste launches Player Cards, NFTs with utility

Haste Player Cards are the latest NFTs to hit Bitcoin (BSV); unlike the digital art and digital collectible NFTs we have seen released in the market, the Haste Player Card (HPC) has utility and provides unique benefits to the holder of the HPC.

Haste Player Cards

The Haste Player card is an NFT that gives its holders 10% of their gameplay spend back on every play, that being said, if you are a frequent player of Haste games, you’d find it beneficial to hold your own Haste Player Card to recoup some of your expenses.

Cards for sale in Haste Marketplace

Outside of the perks you receive when you hold your own HPC, you can trade HPC’s on the Haste marketplace. Players that hold HPCs of other players receive 10% of all the gameplay spends from those players; and when you sell your HPC, you earn 80% commission on the sale (70% if you are a reseller), and each time your card is traded, the original minter (you), will receive 10% of the trade value; the final 10% is sent to the Haste Loyalty Wallet (HLW).

“The more outputs flowing to the HLW the better for BSV and the better for the Haste community. We’d love to see other businesses in BSV offer Bitcoin-backed tokens. the Haste loyalty wallet is a [BSV] wallet that holds 10% of all the BSV outputs associated with the Haste Arcade. It will continue to accrue for 5 years,” said Dan Wagner, the co-founder of Haste

“As we begin nearing the end of the 5 year period, we will make a decision on what the next move with the HLW is. 5 years from now we expect a myriad of games (hundreds if not thousands) in the arcade so the dynamics could look very different. Our aim is to stay at the forefront of this financial revolution and will continue to keep an open mind to new possibilities and ways to reward loyal gamers and developers contributing to the success of the platform.”

Haste Tokens (HST) are BSV tokens created on the RUN protocol that are earned by Haste Arcade players and backed by the BSV in the Haste Loyalty Wallet. According to the Haste whitepaper, Haste tokens can be used for gameplay discounts, listing fees, tournament entry fees, and ‘things unthought.’

“As of right this moment we are still working on getting the tokens distributed via the RUN protocol,” said Wagner.

“Once that occurs the tokens will likely be tradable on secondary markets but can also redeem BSV directly from the HLW. In the event of redemption from the HLW, the HST tokens used are burned, thus lowering the overall supply for the remaining token holders.”

How to Mint your Haste Player Card

Haste Player Cards provide their holders, and minters, with many benefits, making the HPC the first NFT on Bitcoin with utility. At the moment, Haste is considered to be in beta, and you can mint your HPC for the equivalent of $99 in BSV, it is not quite clear what the HPC mint price will be once Haste exits beta.

“We don’t like to box ourselves into a corner so it’s hard to speculate on what the future price may or may not be in the future. With some of the perks we have in mind, it’s easy to see how being a VIP member of the arcade by holding a card could warrant a higher price tag. However, we’re also planning to allow users to pay with the HST tokens they earn from playing games,” said Wagner,  indicating that it might be possible to mint an HPC with HST in the future.

“We are less than 24 hours into the HPC launch and 40 cards have been minted so far.”

If you are looking to mint your Haste Player card, head over to the Haste website and click the “Player Card” option in the menu, afterward, follow the directions and make sure you have at least $99 in your HandCash wallet. If all is well you will have your player card minted in seconds!

Minting a card on Haste

Not interested in minting your own Player Card? Then maybe you want to buy my Player Card from the Haste Market to receive 10% of all the BSV I spend playing Haste!

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