Haste co-founders Joe DePinto and Dan Wagner

Haste co-founders talk about HST tokens and leaderboard payouts on The Bitcoin Bridge

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Imagine a pinball machine that makes payouts to players, rather than just listing their high score. Then, imagine that pinball machine on a global scale. That’s the vision for Haste co-founders Joe DePinto and Dan Wagner—hear all about the rewards-based games platform they’re building on Bitcoin SV (BSV) on this week’s episode of The Bitcoin Bridge.

Joe and Dan were roommates while they were minor league baseball players in the Chicago White Sox recruiting system. But they describe how, from the early days, they were thinking of their post-sports careers and wondering about the businesses they could build.

The two founded Barpay, a quick and easy way for people to settle bar/restaurant tabs using a mobile app. Barpay is still going strong today, but the two were looking for something else they could create that took advantage of Bitcoin payments, something Dan became interested in after investing in gold and following the block size debate through the hard forks and eventual restoration of the Bitcoin protocol in 2020.

Haste is gearing up to release an SDK for game developers later this year. At the moment there’s an active site with a couple of (very) simple demo games, but in this interview Joe and Dan elaborate on what they’d like to see it become.

The platform works by rewarding players whose names appear on its worldwide leaderboard. Players pay small amounts to play, and if you hold your position on the board, you get a percentage share of the total pool in BSV units. As Joe says, that keeps the focus on people acquiring BSV, but you don’t necessarily need to learn everything about Bitcoin to join in. That, they say, will broaden the appeal to people outside the Bitcoin community.

There’s a full text interview with Joe DePinto about Haste here, but the video goes into more detail about Haste’s HST redeemable token system and how it works.

Once again, Haste is a playform that can only exist on a blockchain where things like small payments and large-scale data processing are available at high speed and low cost. The only blockchain capable of all this is BSV. Watch the full interview with The Bitcoin Bridge at the link above, and remember to subscribe to the CoinGeek channel on Streamanity to hear about all the best projects people are building on BSV. You might even find inspiration for your own winning idea.

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