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Harry Santos: Digital collectibles at Stanible are for hardcore fans

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Filipinos love artists, and saying so is an understatement. This love is proven by the many concerts happening in Manila lately, thanks to Filipino fans dedicated to supporting local and international idols or artists. Now, keeping up with the trend on celebrities and influencers could also be done digitally with the help of Stanible, a one-stop shop for exclusive NFTs from celebrity creators, actors, singers, athletes, and more.

On the sidelines of the Bull or Bear event in La UnionCoinGeek Backstage had a chance to meet Stanible’s co-founder and CMO, Harry Santos. Santos was eager to share what they’re doing at Stanible and how they are helping artists—especially the local ones—to connect with the fans they dubbed “stans.”

“[At] Stanible, we help creators, such as celebrities and influencers, to create NFTs in a few clicks and for their fans to collect it even without getting into crypto. They can buy [NFTs] via GCash or Maya,” Santos said.

How easy is it to use Stanible? According to Santos, the app has a similar interface to the popular social media sharing app Instagram. Users can upload a photo or video of their favorite artist, and with just a few clicks, the assets would be turned into NFTs. By using the app, fans can collect the life moments of their idols.

“[The collectibles in Stanible] are for stans, for the hardcore fans,” Santos said.

Santos tells CoinGeek that celebrities like Gabbi Garcia, Khalil Ramos, and many Sparkle GMA artists, as well as bands like Itchyworms, have NFTs in their app. Santos also mentioned that they are working with the artists’ fans club.

“A lot of them [fans] are first-time NFT holders. That’s why we made it so simple. They don’t have to get into crypto. They don’t even know it yet [that] they’re holders of NFT,” he explained.

Currently, Stanible NFTs are stored in the users’ profiles, and they have a choice to sell them on Opensea. As for the blockchain that they use, the co-founder/CMO revealed that they are minting via the Solana blockchain. However, they are already planning to work with multiple chains by the end of Q2 2023.

Santos shared Stanible has been around since September 2022, and it’s already on track to record 20,000 downloads last March—thanks to young tech-savvy Filipinos who love celebrities.

“A lot of Filipinos love their idols and celebrities here. And that’s who we are tapping into. Like I mentioned, there are existing communities already. Fan clubs are hardcore in the Philippines, and that’s what we’re looking to acquire in our app,” he said.

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