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Happy New Lunar Year! 2022 is Year of the Tiger—time to be brave and competitive

Happy New Lunar Year from CoinGeek! 

The Lunar New Year is here and for 2022, it’s the Year of the Tiger. The tiger is the third creature according to the 12-year Chinese zodiac cycle, coming after the Year of the Ox, which started on February 12, 2021, and the Year of the Rat before that. Specifically, 2022 is the Year of the Water Tiger, a phenomenon that happens once every 60 years.

In China, the tiger is considered to be at the apex of all animals and is one of the most revered creatures. As such, people born in the Year of the Tiger are predicted to be bold, competitive, unpredictable, brave, and confident. 

Following the Year of the Ox, which signified buckling down and working (in Bitcoin’s case, building applications), 2022 presents a progression into going all out and fighting for Bitcoin’s place in the world. The tiger never cowers, nor does it ever back down from any challenge. While it’s graceful and magnificent, it’s always ready to fight fiercely for its place in the jungle.

For Bitcoin, the Year of the Tiger presents a prime opportunity to be bold as we fight for Bitcoin’s place in finance and tech. The Bitcoin SV ecosystem has already seen an explosion in applications leveraging its unbounded block size, minimal fees, and real-time transactions to solve real world challenges. 

The tiger’s supreme boldness comes from his confidence that he’s much stronger and more vicious than most creatures. Bitcoin SV is head’s above any other blockchain project—just recently, it set a new record of 4 million daily transactions, averaging 150,000 transactions an hour. 

While this is still below the 50,000 transactions per second that BSV is capable of, it’s still miles ahead of all the other major blockchain projects, even the so-called second-generation networks that claim to have improved on Bitcoin like the outage-plagued Solana.

As we welcome the Year of the Tiger, let’s be bold, competitive, brave, and confident as we take Bitcoin SV to the world, uncompromising just as the Tiger is.

Again, Happy New Lunar Year from CoinGeek!

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