Happy Easter from CoinGeek

Happy Easter from CoinGeek!

Here at CoinGeek we’d like to wish everyone out there a Happy Easter! No matter where you are in the world or how you celebrate it, we hope you’re having a good time.

Whether Easter for you has a religious meaning, a chocolately one, a holiday, or nothing at all—even if your definition of an Easter Egg means something hidden in code—it’s one of those times we pause briefly and take a look at everything that’s been going on around us.

Bitcoin SV (BSV) was one of the few industries (or indeed, aspects of life) that didn’t have a bad year in 2020. And so far, 2021 has been pretty good too. We’ve seen new games, received new tokenization platforms to play with, new social networks and more. All of them gave us more reasons to actually use Bitcoin, rather than just speculate on its price.

In 2021’s digital asset bull market, BSV hasn’t seen the huge price gains others have. To some that’s a disadvantage. On the upside, it means BSV doesn’t have that HODL culture that will likely be detrimental to other blockchains in the long-term. People actually use BSV; this encourages more creative developers and new use-cases. Things are happening.

Then there’s the greatest Easter Egg hunt in Bitcoin: Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? Here in BSV, we already know that answer. While everyone else was sitting on their bags, we went out into the garden and got the eggs. That’s the original spirit and vision for Bitcoin—be adventurous, be curious, and try to discover something no one’s found before.

So Happy Easter once again, scoff down a chocolate bunny or three, and get ready to jump back into it. From all the team at CoinGeek, we appreciate having you with us and hope you’ll continue to enjoy the ride.

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