How Kronoverse revolutionizes multibillion-dollar gaming industry with Bitcoin SV

How Kronoverse revolutionizes multibillion-dollar gaming industry with Bitcoin SV

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By now, everyone even remotely connected to the blockchain industry should realize the power that the technology offers for providing better transparency, better record-keeping and better peer-to-peer (which includes B2B and B2C) interactions. The capabilities of blockchains are only limited to one’s own imagination and, with the recent success of Bitcoin SV’s (BSV) Quasar upgrade to expand block sizes, BSV is leading the way toward more blockchain adoption. Kronoverse, a gaming and esports platform, recognized the potential of BSV to help the multibillion-dollar gaming industry and is building its entire company around BSV technology.

In a recent presentation on Kronoverse and why blockchains are important for gaming’s future, Kronoverse’s Adam Kling and David Case provided a detailed overview of how BSV will change competitive gaming. With so much at stake — millions of dollars in prize money each year — it’s important to ensure that nothing about a game competition is left to chance. The community is forced to assume that everything is operating legitimately, but the back end of gaming operations remain hidden away and private. BSV is now helping to change this. (1:15)

Game data can be mapped to the blockchain in order to give new benefits to players and developers. Not one company would own the data — it would be accessible to everyone. Today, the back-of-the-house operations are unverifiable and proprietary, forcing the gaming community to trust that everything is legitimate. By moving games to the blockchain, actions can be chained together to provide proof of all activity and also to provide better transparency.

Using BSV would allow the permanent storage of all achievements, all game histories, all wins and losses and all purchased or won items. It would also facilitate the ability to view past games, publish new content and to watch live games easily from anywhere. It can also create new revenue streams that were never possible before.

Kronoverse is making this possible and is revolutionizing the gaming industry. Through systems such as its Kronicler fair witness agent, player actions are viewed and additional input can be added. This allows escrow, time-stamping, flow control, random number generation and more to be added.

This is possible on BSV because of the blockchain’s versatility. Every game is comprised of a series of transactions, or data, and creates one straight chain of events that represent the specific game. Every move becomes a signed Bitcoin transaction, allowing a permanent record of every individual action in the game. (10:14)

CryptoFights, which is backed by Calvin Ayre and others, is a live version of a BSV-based game that has the look and feel of any other battle game. It operates just like any other game, but incorporates the strength of the BSV blockchain to offer a better solution that puts the true gaming power in the hands of the players where it belongs.

BSV is revolutionizing the way the world views blockchains and Kronoverse is revolutionizing the way the world views gaming, thanks to BSV. With the proven capability to offer large block sizes of over 2 gigabytes, BSV is quickly becoming the ideal blockchain solution for businesses around the globe.

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